January 2019 Masturbation Schedule

New:  January 2019 Masturbation Schedule

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Until January 15th, 2019. (And yeah, I’m making My NAUGHTY and NICE list for 2019 and if you aren’t using the code, you know which one you’ll be on! 💩 -list!  lol)

A brand new year and a brand new schedule! This month I’ll be controlling your cock almost every single time you put your hand on it. Or NOT, as the case may sometimes be. Lots of instructions for almost every day this month. you are going to be busy!  😉

December 2018 Masturbation Schedule

It’s here:  December 2018 Masturbation Schedule

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Just like the fat man in the red suit (aka Santa), I know who has been Naughty and who has been Nice in 2018. Should you be worried? Let’s have a look at your last schedule of 2018 and find out!

November 2018 Masturbation Schedule

New: November 2018 Masturbation Schedule

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Always pushing you and it’s time for you to reach another goal, but perhaps not the one you think…..

January 2018 Masturbation Schedule

NEW:   January 2018 Masturbation Schedule

A brand new year and another year of continued cock control. Some months I’m a little more generous with the amount of orgasms I will allow you to have and other months, not so much so. you know what I ultimately want, don’t you?

September 2016 Masturbation Schedule

New month (soon), new schedule:  September 2016 Masturbation Schedule

482-September-2016-Masturbation-ScheduleI went a little easier on you this month than last month, but I still have a challenge for you, of course. I’m always pushing you to go further and further for Me, little by little. Which brings Me to orgasm denial and one of My fantasies, which I talk about in the clip. Once I take control, you will never be the same again…..

This clip made it to #1 in the Orgasm Control category: