Cum Eating Goals

I’m SO thoughtful! I made your resolutions for you:   Cum Eating Goals

So you start out 2017 as a cum eating virgin, but by the end of 2017, you’ll be licking up every mess you make! I am a VERY determined woman and I am making it My mission to turn you into an eager cum eater. you need My guidance, My encouragement and My instructions. And here is where you start…..

Cum on My Panties and Lick them Clean

Cum on My Panties and Lick them Clean  …..  sounds like a dream come true, doesn’t it?

117-Cum-on-My-Panties-and-Lick-them-CleanI know how much you want a pair of MY worn panties, being the total panty pervert that you are. And, well, today is your lucky day. I am *finally* going to give you a pair of My worn panties. But, there is just one little caveat……you have to CUM on My panties, AND (of course there is an AND!)….you have to LICK them clean. That’s right. If you really want a pair of My precious worn panties, that’s what you are going to have to do. Lick your own disgusting man jizz off of MY panties, that is the ONLY way I’ll give you a pair. Yeah, I knew you’d do it. Well, you better start stroking then and get yourself close to cumming and watch Me and listen to what I have to say. As you get closer, I take off My panties and hold them up for you to smell. Then I instruct you to cum in the crotch and I give you a cum countdown. After you’ve blown your icky load all over My pretty panties, I hold them up to your mouth and order you to get your tongue out and LICK THEM CLEAN. Then I laugh and shake My head in disgust about what a total panty obsessed FREAK you are! PANTIES–LINGERIE–GARTERS and STOCKINGS–HUMILIATION–LACY FULL SLIP–HIGH HEELS–PANTY FETISH

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