Stroke, Drip and Lick

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Stroke, Drip and Lick

295-Stroke-Drip-and-LickIt seems you have a little problem following through with your cum eating fantasies. Once you cum, the desire to eat it all up, disappears. So today I’m going to coach you through eating your pre-cum. I’ll give you stroking instructions to get your dick dripping and you will lick up every last drop. But it’s not enough. This is just the beginning for you. I have plans to make you into my cum hungry slave…..

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Cum on your own Face

Sissy Task #9-Cum Eating

Cum on My panties and lick them Clean

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Sissy Task #9-Cum Eating

Required for all sissy sluts:  Sissy Task #9-Cum Eating

181-Sissy-Task-9-Cum-EatingThis is something EVERY sissy bitch should excel at: CUM EATING! It’s right up there with cock sucking and taking it up your tight little sissy ass. I’m going to tell you show to accomplish this little task in this clip. This is something you’ll be doing every time you blow your wad. I will condition you to be the cum craving slut you always dreamed of! Which you’ll need to do when you are swallowing massive loads from random men on the street!

Cum on your OWN Face

Cum on your OWN Face

79-Cum-on-your-own-faceHey freaks! I know the only way you can get hard is if you are doing something humiliating or degrading. So I have a task for you….today, you are going to blow your load all over your OWN FACE. That’s right. In this clip I tell you why you do these things, how you are going to do it, what you are going to say and what happens afterwards. 1280×720

Cum on My Panties and Lick them Clean

Cum on My Panties and Lick them Clean  …..  sounds like a dream come true, doesn’t it?

117-Cum-on-My-Panties-and-Lick-them-CleanI know how much you want a pair of MY worn panties, being the total panty pervert that you are. And, well, today is your lucky day. I am *finally* going to give you a pair of My worn panties. But, there is just one little caveat……you have to CUM on My panties, AND (of course there is an AND!)….you have to LICK them clean. That’s right. If you really want a pair of My precious worn panties, that’s what you are going to have to do. Lick your own disgusting man jizz off of MY panties, that is the ONLY way I’ll give you a pair. Yeah, I knew you’d do it. Well, you better start stroking then and get yourself close to cumming and watch Me and listen to what I have to say. As you get closer, I take off My panties and hold them up for you to smell. Then I instruct you to cum in the crotch and I give you a cum countdown. After you’ve blown your icky load all over My pretty panties, I hold them up to your mouth and order you to get your tongue out and LICK THEM CLEAN. Then I laugh and shake My head in disgust about what a total panty obsessed FREAK you are! PANTIES–LINGERIE–GARTERS and STOCKINGS–HUMILIATION–LACY FULL SLIP–HIGH HEELS–PANTY FETISH

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