Vintage Stockings, slip and high heels

(Although the heels aren’t all that vintage!)

I’ve been meaning to post these stocking pictures awhile ago, but since it’s to the public side of My blog, it’s pretty low priority.

This is the vintage box that the stockings came in. Not sure if it’s the correct one for the stockings as I bought them off of ebay years ago and that’s what they came in. Never heard of Gus Mayer before but I assumed it was a department store.

I wore these stockings in My Glamour Calves video:

This insert (below) went with a pair of ivory seamless vintage stockings that I was going to wear for another clip but when I put them on, they ran so easily, so they just got thrown away.

“This new ‘live’ nylon stretches to mould itself to every subtle curve”.


“Exquisitely soft in their enchanting, mist-powered glow…”

I love the verbiage used in describing vintage lingerie and stockings. ?

you mean they will somehow magically be longer if I just slip the stocking down and start again?! ? ?  (Vintage nylons always are too short in the length for My legs, which is why I usually only wear them with long leg or open bottom panty girdles).

Details of the beautiful vintage slip I wore in My 2 Day Stroking Instructions clip.

And some old heels that I just *had* to have years and years ago:

I loved the metal heel and the fact that they were PURPLE (which back then was a hard to find color in high heels). They were from HayWay shoes in the UK, which I believe is no longer in business. Anyway I got them out recently to wear in My Satin Panty Ass clip and after I was done shooting, I noticed this!!!!

It’s like the material had disintegrated on the toes. ? Oh well, I put them in the bag of stuff for the Goodwill. As I’ve said before, they get some of the BEST stuff from Me!  lol

(They also got a hot pink feather boa, the sheer pink bed jacket from Panty Stroker, the yellow satin costume I wore in Servitude #85, and many other items I just no longer want).

A few other places/companies that are no more……Magnolia Hosiery. I used to buy ALL of My FF stockings from them and at incredible prices of $12.95 or $16.95 a pair. The Little Shoe Box in the UK, from which I got My fantastic custom made 6 inch heeled thigh boots from (and seen in My Leather Mistress and Leather and Satin clips).  And Jante, which was a company that made stripper shoes and other high heels. Many of My closed toe pumps were from Jante, years ago. (And then Ellie Shoes, The Highest Heel and others. *Were*. ?)

Calves in Navy Foot Nylons

New:   Calves in Navy Foot Nylons

Today My calves are encased in 2 layers of hosiery: a pair of vintage navy foot full fashioned stockings worn over a pair of nude pantyhose. As usual, I show them off from various angles and poses. I’m also wearing a vintage chiffon robe, vintage bustier, vintage half slip, sheer blue panties (under pantyhose), a white open bottom girdle and beautiful high heeled mules.

Nylon Panties

Another old clip posted to My clip store:  Nylon Panties

491-Nylon-PantiesI actually start this clip out completely nude! But you only see My hands. 🙂 ….picking My dainty sheer panties and lace bra off the dresser. Next I’m in My bra and panties and picking out some panties from My panty drawer. Then I’m in My walk in closet finding a vintage nightgown to change into. you watch Me take off My bra and put on the nightgown and yes, there is topless nudity. The rest of the clip I put on, take off, talk about and show off a few different pairs of silky, nylon full cut panties (aka GRANNY PANTIES!  lol). There are a few erotic glimpses of nudity when I’m taking off the panties and of course, you pay $$$ for the wondrous opportunity to view them.

(This was Bonus Video #98)

Panty Shopping

New panty clip:  Panty Shopping

437-Panty-ShoppingI’m going though My lingerie and getting rid of a few things to make room for new lingerie and panties. I know, I know….I already have two big drawers filled with panties but I always want MORE. And *you* are going to be paying for them. In fact, I’m going to tell you how this little shopping spree is going to go, what else you’ll be doing as MY panty slave and a very special reward I’ll have for you. IF you please Me……

Well that was quick! Less than 12 hours of posting this clip, it made it to #1 in the Panty Fetish category:

Panty-Shopping-no1But you guys always go nuts for My panty clips!  😉

Zebra Heel vintage FF stockings

Unless you are new here (which if that’s the case, you should read through My entire blog), you know that I collect fancy vintage stockings. Fancy meaning that they have some unique details on them that set them apart from a plain pair of Full Fashioned (or RHT) stockings.

Zebra-heel-boxThis particular pair has ZEBRA heels!

Zebra-heels-box-2I always like to document the neat vintage packaging that My stockings come in and since I didn’t do that in the video, I’m posting pics here. Just for MY personal reference of My stocking collection and to share with other like-minded people who appreciate stockings from 50+ years ago!

Zebra-heel-welt-imprintI’m not sure exactly what was ‘irregular’ about these stockings as I didn’t find anything wrong with them.

Zebra-heel-stockingsThese were pristine in the box and I have THREE pairs of them!!  🙂 Do you have ANY idea how rare this style is?? (Very).

Zebra-heel-nylons-in-slingbacksWhat they look like on…. (the white slingbacks make My feet look so tiny!)

Zebra-toesZebra toes!

Zebra-solesAnd soles….

Zebra-heelsAnd heels.

I wore them with one of My vintage nightgowns that I got rid of. I wore it a few years ago in THIS clip as well. As I said before, I need to cull My collection of stuff.

They don’t make lingerie like they used to…..


7 Pairs of Panties -Part 1

Old clip reposted to My store:  7 Pairs of Panties -Part 1

396-7-Pairs-of-Panties-Part-1First things first: I am NOT wearing 7 different pairs of panties in this clip, only 2. This is a 3 part clip and in all 3 parts I end up modeling 7 different pairs in total. I don’t know when I am going to post parts 2 and 3 yet (*maybe* this month). This is an older clip of Mine from 2012 and it was for My old lingerie site. (I also come off a little sweet in this video which almost stopped Me from posting it, but, whatever. I know you guys who love big ass granny panties will like it.) In addition to panties, I’m wearing a vintage robe, garter belt and stockings, high heels and a pink bra. Enjoy!

This was Bonus video #105.

Baby Blue Slip Panties

NEW clip posted:   Baby Blue Slip Panties

290-Baby-Blue-Slip-PantiesThis is one of those EVERYTHING type of clips. There is vintage lingerie, Fully Fashioned stockings, slips, legs, panties, lingerie layers, garters, legs, high heels, skirt lifting, stocking tops, and it’s just a classic lingerie glamour clip. I *am* the QUEEN of lingerie and so these type of clips are always amazing for lovers of lingerie! I’m wearing yummy nylon lingerie, a lacy half slip and camisole, and underneath I’ve got on a garter belt and little blue slip panties which fit Me like a glove. In the beginning of the clip, you can see My slip panties and garter straps right through My thin white slip. The rest of the video I show off everything I’m wearing in My usual sensual style.

Stockings Talk

Posted to My clips store today:   Stockings Talk

284-Stockings-TalkFrom the archives, this clip was shot back in 2005! The year I first started shooting videos for My lingerie members site (which will be closing in June 2015). I had a request (way back then) to hear Me talk about stockings…what I like about them, My favorite styles, colors, when I started wearing them and stuff like that. In the clip I’m wearing white dotted RHT stockings, garter belt, panties, heels and vintage lingerie. The video is 640×480, standard definition.

Captivating in Classic Lingerie

Add this to your collection:   Captivating in Classic Lingerie

283-Captivating-in-Classic-LingerieIt’s no secret that I adore vintage lingerie. It’s very feminine and they just don’t make lingerie like they use to. It’s gotten skimpier over the years, less left to the imagination. I love silky and slinky nylon nightgowns and robes and who doesn’t love classic lingerie like garter belts and seamed stockings??!  In My usual sensual style, I showcase all of the delicious things I’m wearing and you are captivated as usual….  Check out My other LINGERIE clips here:

By the way….this is My 283rd video for My clips store!! About 90-95% of them are exclusive to My Clips4Sales store and have never been posted in My members area or elsewhere. And guess what? I’m just going to keep making more and more and more!  😉

Lured in by Lingerie

New lingerie clip:   Lured in by Lingerie

261-Lured-in-by-LingerieSuch a sensual vision I am, in My beautiful silky lingerie and high heels. Luring you in, tempting you just like so many others. My lingerie is just another tool I use to work My magic on you and it’s so very easy for Me. And you are such a willing victim……

This clip made it to #1 in the Lingerie category: