Red Metallic Tease and Denial

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201-Red-Metallic-Tease-and-DenialIt’s time for another lesson in COCK CONTROL. From now on, you will only stroke when I say, how I say and IF I say. So strip down and start stroking, but NO cumming. My outfit is a little skimpy today, but I figured it’s the perfect thing to wear for a little TEASE and DENIAL. Who knows….maybe you’ll get lucky today, maybe I’ll let you cum…. 😉 I’m going to give you a little scenario that I want you to visualize while you stroke for Me. And while you are picturing it, I want you to get close to the edge. I think I’m going to let you cum today. I’m going to give you a cum countdown and you are not to cum until I say ONE. 10….it’s all about cock control…..9….it’s so much better this way, ME controlling your stroking…..8……7……6…..5……do I let you cum?