Servitude #167

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I control your stroking as I’m wearing sensual satin lingerie, sheer panties, stockings, garters and high heels. you, slave, will only touch your cock when I say and no, there won’t be any cumming today. But you know that though, as you are part way through your third task from Servitude #164. you know your place is to obey, even if it gets a bit challenging at times….  What fun would denial (yours) be for Me, if I didn’t push you to the edge?

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Day 2 of 4 -Evening Session

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A stunning outfit, stroking instructions, a little challenge to test your cock control and an orgasm. Ha! Just kidding about the orgasm.  😉

(I know you want to at #2 is also one of My clips)

Pink Lace Lust

Only available in My Loyalfans store

The perfect thing to wear to stir up LUST in you. My SHEER lace lingerie, panties and the imagery in this video will push you to your limits. I don’t just want My slaves DENIED, I want them desperate to cum. I know exactly what My body does to you and I TEASE you so fucking HARD. Can you stroke all the way through, or will you have to STOP? (The preview image is censored, the video is not.)

More of these type of clips HERE.

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Eager to Stroke

New:   Eager to Stroke

I think it’s fair to say that sexual frustration is not a state desired by most men. But you, are not most men. you were looking for something different, something to make your orgasms more intense and orgasm denial is the key. It doesn’t matter that I’m just going to deny you today, you are always so eager for any opportunity to stroke to My voice, My body, My encouraging words…..

Will I let you?

There is a chance…..  Will I let you?

504-will-i-let-youyou know I love denying you orgasms. But I also love teasing you and getting you even more horny and frustrated. And today, I might actually let you cum. But before I decide that, I’ve got to get you all worked up and ready for that orgasm….or….blue balls. Watch and see what your fate is….

This clip made it to #1 in the Tease & Denial category:


How long can you last?

New cocktease clip posted:   How long can you last?

300-How-long-can-you-LastI know you jerk off all the time, but does that you do you any good? The more you stroke your cock, the shorter the orgasms and can you say ‘quickee’? No, it doesn’t do you any good. And that is why you need to learn cock control. Today I am going to guide you through playing with your cock, MY way and no, you won’t be cumming. you need to learn restraint, you need to have endurance and you’ll learn that MY way is the best way.

Tit Tease and Denial

My newest clip–go buy it!   Tit Tease and Denial

231-Tit-Tease-and-DenialWhen was the last time you had an orgasm? Because I just love to tease and torment you when it’s been a while. When I know that you’ve been suffering for Me and your balls are just aching for a release. That’s when it’s fun for Me. When I know how desperate you are to cum. I want you to start stroking for Me right now and get nice and hard and make sure you have some lube nearby. I am going to TEASE you with My nice soft, round, milky white breasts and tell you how to stroke. I have a little surprise for you at the end….and it involves baby oil! 😉 (And blue balls!!! haha)

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Red Metallic Tease and Denial

Only available in My Loyalfans store

201-Red-Metallic-Tease-and-DenialIt’s time for another lesson in COCK CONTROL. From now on, you will only stroke when I say, how I say and IF I say. So strip down and start stroking, but NO cumming. My outfit is a little skimpy today, but I figured it’s the perfect thing to wear for a little TEASE and DENIAL. Who knows….maybe you’ll get lucky today, maybe I’ll let you cum…. 😉 I’m going to give you a little scenario that I want you to visualize while you stroke for Me. And while you are picturing it, I want you to get close to the edge. I think I’m going to let you cum today. I’m going to give you a cum countdown and you are not to cum until I say ONE. 10….it’s all about cock control…..9….it’s so much better this way, ME controlling your stroking…..8……7……6…..5……do I let you cum?