Servitude #200

New:   Servitude #200

I’m wearing this hot little outfit, pantyhose and 6 inch heels and it’s the perfect thing to tease the f**k out of you. I’ve got a challenge for you today, slave. And I might even have a reward for you if you can get all the way through. But of course I won’t make it easy…. (Preview image is censored, the video is not).

Day 1 of 4 – Morning Session

New:  Day 1 of 4 – Morning Session

A new 4 day series of 8 clips intended for those who seek My cock control training. Start this on a morning that you have NOT masturbated after Midnight. This clip describes what to expect along with your first stroking session. Obedient slaves will follow it to the letter.

September 2018 Masturbation Schedule

New:   September 2018 Masturbation Schedule

This month’s schedule is something I’ve never done before and something I’ll never do again, but I like to try new things with your monthly schedules. There is a keyword this month and many tasks for you to complete. I kinda think you are going to like this  schedule.  😉

Stroke, Slap, Squeeze or Stop

New Masturbation Instruction clip:   Stroke, Slap, Squeeze or Stop

Today, you are going to have to take a little pain with your pleasure. Just like the title says, I’ll be instructing you to stroke, slap, squeeze or stop stroking throughout this clip. If you endure everything and make it to the end, I’ll give you a cum countdown and you can show Me how much you enjoy it when I tease your cock!

How long can you last?

New cocktease clip posted:   How long can you last?

300-How-long-can-you-LastI know you jerk off all the time, but does that you do you any good? The more you stroke your cock, the shorter the orgasms and can you say ‘quickee’? No, it doesn’t do you any good. And that is why you need to learn cock control. Today I am going to guide you through playing with your cock, MY way and no, you won’t be cumming. you need to learn restraint, you need to have endurance and you’ll learn that MY way is the best way.

Stroking Assignment

Buy it NOW:   Stroking Assignment

248-Stroking-AssignmentI know how much you enjoy when I instruct you to jerk off. So I have a NEW stroking schedule for you for the next FOUR days. you will have to stroke EXACTLY how I show you, when I tell you can and for as long as I tell you to. I will allow you ONE orgasm on the evening of the 4th day, but you’ll have to achieve it in the time I give you or you don’t get to cum and you’ll have to do this assignment over again. Are you ready? Watch the clip to see the various ways I’ll have you jerking over the next few days! Also check out My 5 Day Masturbation Schedule and 10 Day Masturbation Control clips!

Cocktease and Cum

Another lesson in cock control:

Cocktease and Cum

212-Cocktease-and-CumCome here and sit in front of Me. I’m going to tell you exactly how you are going to masturbate today. I am going to slowly tease your cock and build you up so you are aching for more and more stimulation. I know you’re going to want to cum and there is a 50/50 chance that is going to happen. But if I do allow you an orgasm today, you will have to cum exactly how I say, and if you are unable to–no release for the day! So are you ready for a little cockteasing? MASTURBATION INSTRUCTION–COCKTEASE–JOI–JERK OFF INSTRUCTION–COCK CONTROL

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Mistress may i cum

My newest video clip:  Mistress may i cum

Today, you are going to stroke for Me. And you are going to do it exactly how I tell you to. I’m wearing a sexy low-cut slinky gown that is showing off ample cleavage and My full breasts. My hands glide over My body as I talk to you and you listen to My sweet, seductive voice as I tell you to strip completely naked and make yourself comfortable. I instruct you on how I want you to masturbate for Me and tell you to imagine that I was right there in front of you. Watching you, instructing you, telling you to jerk your cock for Me. Can you feel the tension grow? I bet you’d love a release. It feels so good to stroke for Me. But will I let you cum? It seems I have a plan for you…… MASTURBATION INSTRUCTION–TEASE AND DENIAL–JOI–JERK OFF INSTRUCTION–ORGASM DENIAL–COCK CONTROL

Mistress-Jessica-denies-your-orgasmIt’s time to control your cock, your stroking, your orgasms and your pleasure.

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This clip made it to #1 in the Orgasm Denial category: