Servitude #200

New:   Servitude #200

I’m wearing this hot little outfit, pantyhose and 6 inch heels and it’s the perfect thing to tease the f**k out of you. I’ve got a challenge for you today, slave. And I might even have a reward for you if you can get all the way through. But of course I won’t make it easy…. (Preview image is censored, the video is not).

Stroke, Slap, Squeeze or Stop

New Masturbation Instruction clip:   Stroke, Slap, Squeeze or Stop

Today, you are going to have to take a little pain with your pleasure. Just like the title says, I’ll be instructing you to stroke, slap, squeeze or stop stroking throughout this clip. If you endure everything and make it to the end, I’ll give you a cum countdown and you can show Me how much you enjoy it when I tease your cock!