Nylon Panties

Another old clip posted to My clip store:  Nylon Panties

491-Nylon-PantiesI actually start this clip out completely nude! But you only see My hands. 🙂 ….picking My dainty sheer panties and lace bra off the dresser. Next I’m in My bra and panties and picking out some panties from My panty drawer. Then I’m in My walk in closet finding a vintage nightgown to change into. you watch Me take off My bra and put on the nightgown and yes, there is topless nudity. The rest of the clip I put on, take off, talk about and show off a few different pairs of silky, nylon full cut panties (aka GRANNY PANTIES!  lol). There are a few erotic glimpses of nudity when I’m taking off the panties and of course, you pay $$$ for the wondrous opportunity to view them.

(This was Bonus Video #98)

Panty Change

Now in My clips store:   Panty Change

487-Panty-ChangeThis clip was shot back in 2012 for My old lingerie paysite. I start out wearing a pink bra, a sheer pink marabou trimmed robe, matching marabou trimmed heels and a pair of sheer white string bikini panties. I show you the 3 pairs of panties I am going to wear: a white see through pair of tap pants/panties, a semi-sheer pair of pink full cut panties and a silky nylon pair of full cut panties. The first minute and a half is devoted to My high heels and showing off My pedicure. This clip is priced higher because of the brief bits of nudity between changing panties.

(This was Bonus Video #78)

I LOVE 😍 seeing My $50 clips make it to #1, like this one in the Panty Fetish category:


7 Pairs of Panties -Part 1

Old clip reposted to My store:  7 Pairs of Panties -Part 1

396-7-Pairs-of-Panties-Part-1First things first: I am NOT wearing 7 different pairs of panties in this clip, only 2. This is a 3 part clip and in all 3 parts I end up modeling 7 different pairs in total. I don’t know when I am going to post parts 2 and 3 yet (*maybe* this month). This is an older clip of Mine from 2012 and it was for My old lingerie site. (I also come off a little sweet in this video which almost stopped Me from posting it, but, whatever. I know you guys who love big ass granny panties will like it.) In addition to panties, I’m wearing a vintage robe, garter belt and stockings, high heels and a pink bra. Enjoy!

This was Bonus video #105.