Girdle, Heels and Vintage Stockings

New:  Girdle, Heels and Vintage Stockings

you didn’t think I’d do a calves clip with bare legs and feet did you? Of course not! My calves are almost always clad is some sort of hosiery and today that is a pair of vintage full fashioned stockings with a fancy design on the back of the leg. High heels *always* make legs and feet look so much better. And the long leg panty girdle was to accommodate the shorter length of the vintage stockings. (But also hugs My ass and thighs quite nicely!) Many different stocking legs, calves and soles poses and angles in this clip!

Sparkle Nylons

A few pictures of the vintage Full Fashioned “Sparkle Nylons” by Hummingbird, that I wore in My So much Satin video.

I always like to snap off a picture of the welt imprint before I put them on because once it gets stretched out, it’s pretty much unreadable.

And the advertising sheet that came with them:

💍 “The Ultimate in Luxury” 💍   So fancy! 😉

A little bit of Everything

Now in My clip store:  A little bit of Everything

This clip was shot back in 2012 for My old lingerie paysite. I decided to bring it out from the archives as it is a great stocking and well, a little bit of everything, clip! I’m wearing layers of lingerie underneath My dress. Pantyhose are underneath My pink satin panties, open bottom girdle, petticoat and vintage Full Fashioned stockings. As you can tell from the preview images, this pair of FF nylons has an interesting design along the back of the heel/leg. There are some great glimpses of My pink satin panties in this clip as well.

(This clip was Bonus Video #55.)

Zebra Heel vintage FF stockings

Unless you are new here (which if that’s the case, you should read through My entire blog), you know that I collect fancy vintage stockings. Fancy meaning that they have some unique details on them that set them apart from a plain pair of Full Fashioned (or RHT) stockings.

Zebra-heel-boxThis particular pair has ZEBRA heels!

Zebra-heels-box-2I always like to document the neat vintage packaging that My stockings come in and since I didn’t do that in the video, I’m posting pics here. Just for MY personal reference of My stocking collection and to share with other like-minded people who appreciate stockings from 50+ years ago!

Zebra-heel-welt-imprintI’m not sure exactly what was ‘irregular’ about these stockings as I didn’t find anything wrong with them.

Zebra-heel-stockingsThese were pristine in the box and I have THREE pairs of them!!  🙂 Do you have ANY idea how rare this style is?? (Very).

Zebra-heel-nylons-in-slingbacksWhat they look like on…. (the white slingbacks make My feet look so tiny!)

Zebra-toesZebra toes!

Zebra-solesAnd soles….

Zebra-heelsAnd heels.

I wore them with one of My vintage nightgowns that I got rid of. I wore it a few years ago in THIS clip as well. As I said before, I need to cull My collection of stuff.

They don’t make lingerie like they used to…..


Lingerie Mistress

NEW in My Clips store today:  Lingerie Mistress

242-Lingerie-MistressSome like to dress in leather in latex, but I’ve always preferred nylon and lace…lingerie! Sensual and seductive is more My style. I feel (and look) like a goddess in My slinky, low-cut nightgown which I wear with it 6 inch high heels and vintage Full Fashioned (seamed) stockings. There are up close views of My high heels, stocking soles and toes, garters straps and stocking tops, My cleavage and more. you’ll buy this clip, just because you can never resist Me in My stockings and lingerie!

And this vintage nightgown is one of many that My dirtylittlepervert paid for!

I’m wearing a pair of My fancy vintage stockings in this video and the style is called “Flowers of France”. I did a quick Google search and I found an old advertisement for the stockings!

Flowers-of-FranceTowards the very end of the video I show you the original box and packaging the stockings came in, as well as the stockings (pristine and perfect) before I put them on. They are quite rare and unique and probably a good 50-60 years old!

Jewel Seam Stockings

Posted in My clips store today:  Jewel Seam Stockings

238-Jewel-Seam-StockingsThis clip was originally shot for My lingerie site back in 2012. In addition to vintage lingerie, I also collect rare and unique styles of vintage stockings. This video starts out with Me opening up the stocking box and showing you the fancy nylons unworn and the jewels up the back seams. Keep in mind, these stockings are probably 50-60 years old, so a real treat to see such an item today! Next you see Me in a full length view with the stockings on and I’m also wearing a beautiful sheer peignoir set. I soon remove the robe and then the focus is on My stocking clad legs and nylon feet and soles. As you can tell from the title and preview image, there are little rhinestones all up the back seam of these vintage Full Fashioned nylons. I show you different up close views of them, including a nice view of My stocking tops and garter straps. The video ends with Me sliding one of the stockings down My leg. A classic stocking/leg tease clip!

Note: This is Bonus Video #76 and it has NOT (as of this blog post) been reposted one final time to My members area. Check My updates page to see when it will be posted OR buy the video directly from My Clips4Sale store.