Approximately 8 mins.

FOUND THEM!!!  SO happy!! I thought I was losing My mind. I was *sure* I owned a pair of green contrast heel Aristoc stockings and sure enough, here they are:

Aristoc-Sheer-Mischief-stockings-1Aristoc-Sheer-Mischief-stockings-2Apparently these are RARE and hard to come by. I believe I bought these off of ebay years ago. I love rare and unique vintage stockings and those are the only ones I collect. Although I haven’t bought any for several years now because I already have so many pairs.

These are going to go absolutely *perfect* with what I’m wearing tomorrow and I’m so glad I found them!  *Happy Mistress*

PS– If you search My blog for VINTAGE STOCKINGS (search box is in the upper right, under ARCHIVES), you find even more posts featuring unique stockings from My collection.

UPDATE: Since I’ve now taken these out of the package and worn them for a video clip, I wanted to mention a few things. These stockings are very soft and silky and unlike most vintage stockings, that are usually way too short in the leg for Me, these were actually a really nice length. And also, the stockings did not have GREEN contrasting seams, they were actually a dark brown.