Mistress Jessica’s Cuckold

I’ve decided I’m going to make you My little cuckold. My financial cuckold. Let’s face it, you are never going to satisfy Me sexually. Only a REAL MAN can do that. A man like My boyfriend. So your job is going to be to buy Me lingerie that I am going to wear for HIM, sheets that I am going to lay on with him, sexy little dresses I am going to wear out with him and anything else I dream up. I tell you that I’m getting ready to go out to dinner with him and what we’ll be doing later. And how you’ll be sitting at home, all alone, masturbating to the thought of what I’ll be doing with My man.

you watch Me spray on perfume and you wonder what I smell like. Knowing only MY MAN will ever be that close to Me.

Mistress-Jessicas-cuckold-1I rub lotion on My soft skin and shapely bare legs. Legs that will soon be wrapped around My man as he’s…..

Mistress-Jessicas-cuckold-4Can you imagine being lucky enough to buy ME beautiful, sexy, and naughty lingerie? Of course, you’d never see Me in it, only HE would get that pleasure.

Mistress-Jessicas-cuckold-2My nice full breasts, of which you only get a glimpse. Tonight his hands will be all over My 34D breasts…and you will be pathetically wanking to the idea of such an image.

Mistress-Jessicas-cuckold-3Watch and listen as I describe what I expect from you as My cuckold:

Mistress Jessica’s Cuckold

your worthless little cock

“It’s not the length, it’s not the size, it’s how many times you can make it rise.” Right? WRONG! Who cares how many times you can get your puny, pathetic penis hard–it’s still WORTHLESS! you’re not even a REAL man! you are completely unable to sexually satisfy a woman. you are a FAILURE. Look at that little thing between your legs. you don’t MEASURE UP!! hahaha So when is the first time you realized you had a micro dick? Are you still a virgin? you can’t even masturbate like a NORMAL man, you don’t even have enough cock to wrap a whole hand around it! There should be a warning about guys like you–you aren’t packing, you are LACKING! But you know what, I have the PERFECT solution for little dick losers like yourself. Watch the video to find out!

103-your-worthless-little-cockHey little man, emphasis on little, go shamefully purchase this clip wank your teeny tiny weenie!

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