How bad do you want it?

New clip posted today:  How bad do you want it?

280-How-bad-do-you-want-itI am going to give you the offer of a lifetime today, and only today. I know how much you would love to watch ME masturbate. I know how much you would love to see and hear Me have an orgasm. And I’m willing to indulge that fantasy, just this once. But, you’ve got to do something for Me first. That’s the only way I’ll do it. What do I want you to do? I want you to…….eat your own cum. That’s right. Swallow your own load for Me. It’s only fair that you do something HUGE for the privilege of seeing ME get off. Just imagine Me removing My panties and sliding My fingers into My wet pussy, all while you get to watch. It just depends on how bad you want it……  will you? Will I?

Limp Dick Loser

After our date, I invite you over to My house and up to My bedroom. I rub my hands all over my satin blouse with a teasing look in My eyes. I undo one of the buttons and I tell you to get comfortable, take off your pants and underwear and to start stroking your cock for Me. I undo another button and reveal My bra and cleavage, but I noticed you aren’t hard. I tell you that I’m going to get some sexy lingerie and I’ll be right back.

55-Limp-Dick-LoserWhen I come back, I show you a few things I picked out to see what you like. But after seeing that you are still soft, My demeanor quickly changes and I demand to know what’s going on with your limp dick! I make it clear that you are the ONLY man that’s been in My bedroom and couldn’t get it up. So it’s clearly not Me. So what is it? Are you gay? You aren’t one of those freaky fetish guys, are you? Oh wait…..are you a virgin? You have been with a woman before, right? Well then what’s the problem?! Ticked off, I give you two choices: ONE–I can tell every woman I know (including some of your co-workers) about what a disappointment you are in the bedroom. And believe Me, women LOVE to humiliate men about such things. Kiss your future dating life GOODBYE. Or….TWO: I shoot a little video of you jerking your limp dick. Just for Me of course. You take the video option. As I record you, I tease you about playing with your flaccid cock and ask you if you’re doing it right. Then I verbally humiliate you and make you repeat things into the camera. A limp dick loser like you can NEVER sexually satisfy a woman!

Sound familiar? I thought so. Get your wallet out and add this video to your jerk off collection!

your worthless little cock

“It’s not the length, it’s not the size, it’s how many times you can make it rise.” Right? WRONG! Who cares how many times you can get your puny, pathetic penis hard–it’s still WORTHLESS! you’re not even a REAL man! you are completely unable to sexually satisfy a woman. you are a FAILURE. Look at that little thing between your legs. you don’t MEASURE UP!! hahaha So when is the first time you realized you had a micro dick? Are you still a virgin? you can’t even masturbate like a NORMAL man, you don’t even have enough cock to wrap a whole hand around it! There should be a warning about guys like you–you aren’t packing, you are LACKING! But you know what, I have the PERFECT solution for little dick losers like yourself. Watch the video to find out!

103-your-worthless-little-cockHey little man, emphasis on little, go shamefully purchase this clip wank your teeny tiny weenie!

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Fetish exploration via the internet….

Sometimes it’s hard to remember what life was like back in the pre-internet days. I bought My first computer and went online back in Dec 1994. I have seen things change so much over the years.

It’s amazing the information we have access to now. Just think of all of your pervy little fetishes you have and how you use to think you were alone. Only to find out there are others out there just like you, congregating on blogs, forums, websites, chat rooms and various other places on the net.

It’s also so easy explore certain kinks and desires online and yet go back to your regular life after you power off your computer. No one has to know, right? I mean, in your day to day life, your family, friends, neighbors, co-workers, etc, know you one way. But once you’re alone, perhaps at night, and you go online, that’s when you are free to stroke and explore all of your dark desires. Are you a foot freak, humiliation junkie, pay piggie, cock-sucking sissy or a pain slut?

Oh, I’ll find out which one you are……eventually…..

In the meantime, go buy my newest clip: