MJA11: Slip, Nylons and Panties

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(This clip is from 2005 and is Standard Definition video)

I started this video by browsing through My lingerie before I turned around and slowly lifted up the hem of My slip. your eyes follow My pink high heeled pumps, up My seamed stocking legs to My lacy slip hem until I reveal My sexy panty clad ass in sheer pink panties. I let you watch as I look in a full length mirror (admiring Myself…naturally   lol) and show off My panties and adjust My garter straps. Finally I sit down and remove one high heel and the next, asking you if you like to hear the sound of My nylons rubbing together. 

Slip Compilation 1

Slip Compilation 1

In this clip you get to watch Me model FOUR different slips–two full slips and two half slips. I tell you right in the beginning that I’m not wearing any panties or bras with any of the slips. I just like the feeling of the soft nylon material against My bare skin. The first slip I’m wearing is a shiny beige full slip. I bet you’d love to rub your hands all over My slip clad body. Next I’m wearing a white full slip with a lacy bodice. I decide to remove the slip by sliding the straps down My shoulders and pulling the bodice down around My waist. Looking for nudity? The most you’ll see in this clip is a bit of side boob. The third slip is a mocha colored shiny nylon half slip, which you mostly see up close views of. And then the last slip I show off is a shiny yellow, lace trimmed half slip. Which I model tastefully topless. 🙂

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