New:   Overpowered

I’ve been expecting you. It was only a matter of time. Sometimes it takes a while for a spell to work, but My spells always work. Have you noticed your dreams lately, or the random arousals and a flash of My image. you’ve been trying to fight it, haven’t you? But that takes so much energy, as you’ve figured out. I’ll tell you why I drew you to Me and exactly what I tend to do with you……

Fishnet Fantasy

New:   Fishnet Fantasy

In addition to layers of lingerie, I’m also wearing layers of hosiery (fishnets over pantyhose) AND….I’m wearing two pairs of panties as well. Underneath everything I have on a pair of sheer baby pink string bikini panties and then a pair of shiny pantyhose over the that. Over the pantyhose I have on a pair of (faux) gartered fishnet stockings with a pair of black lace panties worn over. For a short time I have a sheer pink half slip and sheer pink marabou on and when I remove it, I put on a pair of long fishnet gloves to compliment the stockings. This video is absolutely sexy and you will love it!