Warm and Wet JOI Task

New clip:  Warm and Wet JOI Task

I have a 2 day stroking task for you, but if you do it wrong, it will be longer than that. I’m going to tell you exactly how to stroke and when you can cum. If you don’t cum when I allow it, you won’t be cumming for the next 24 hours and you’ll have to try it again and again until you get it right. If you do cum the first time around, I have a more challenging version you will do the next day. How well can you control your orgasms? And will you be able to cum in the short time I allow? Buy it, try it!

Stroke, Slap, Squeeze or Stop

New Masturbation Instruction clip:   Stroke, Slap, Squeeze or Stop

Today, you are going to have to take a little pain with your pleasure. Just like the title says, I’ll be instructing you to stroke, slap, squeeze or stop stroking throughout this clip. If you endure everything and make it to the end, I’ll give you a cum countdown and you can show Me how much you enjoy it when I tease your cock!

Stroking Assignment

Buy it NOW:   Stroking Assignment

248-Stroking-AssignmentI know how much you enjoy when I instruct you to jerk off. So I have a NEW stroking schedule for you for the next FOUR days. you will have to stroke EXACTLY how I show you, when I tell you can and for as long as I tell you to. I will allow you ONE orgasm on the evening of the 4th day, but you’ll have to achieve it in the time I give you or you don’t get to cum and you’ll have to do this assignment over again. Are you ready? Watch the clip to see the various ways I’ll have you jerking over the next few days! Also check out My 5 Day Masturbation Schedule and 10 Day Masturbation Control clips!