New:  Dicktator

you know I possess absolute power over that dick of yours. It’s something that needs to be controlled and you always seek My guidance and training. Listen to My every word, follow My every order and maybe I’ll give you an opportunity to cum today……

PS–This was one of the 2 vintage nightgowns the professor paid for.  I love the color and the silky nylon but it’s too loose on Me and tag says it’s a Small. Maybe it’s just the style. Do you remember that robe from Luxurious Satin Mistress?  I love that clip! 😊

PPS–Which reminds Me, I have a *beautiful* satin nightgown that I’ll be wearing for a satin clip soon. Yeah, I kinda have a thing for silky nightgowns….. 😜

PPPPPPPPPPPPPS–IF you are following My March 2019 Cock Control clip, this clip is 12:21 in length. Make sure you take that into consideration as I know you want to follow My March instructions to the letter!