Deleting clips from My store…

If you want ANY of My Trample related clips (you can find a list of them HERE with links), I suggest you buy them now as I will be deleting them from My store before August 31st.

(Any of the “feet only” clips on that list will be staying in My store).

Clips4Sale is making some changes to be in compliance with new regulations from Mastercard. While I do have a signed model release and copy of a photo ID from trampleguy (aka the guy featured in all of My Trample clips), with the upcoming changes it will be too big of a pain in the ass to keep the clips up. I would also have to change My store from Solo performer to Multi-performer store, which I’m not going to do for about 30 clips out of 1124. It’s just easier to take them down.

I will, however, be leaving all of the blog posts up with the preview images and descriptions, just for posterity.