Desire and Denial

New:   Desire and Denial

Filling you with desire, only to be left full and aching. My favorite time to tease you is on the days that you aren’t allowed an orgasm. But you love every second of it. From the moment I tell that I have nothing on underneath My robe but a garter belt, to each sensual glimpse of bare flesh, to the very end of the clip. My feminine, seductive charms have you at My mercy……. (Priced higher for a reason.)

December 2016 Masturbation Schedule

It’s here…..  December 2016 Masturbation Schedule

510-december-2016-masturbation-scheduleAs promised, here is the December 2016 Masturbation Schedule! (The November 2016 schedule was only given to those who serve ME, so there was no clip for it last month, but I did say I’d do a clip for this month. Lucky you!) A recap of how far you’ve come this year, My plans for you in 2017 and, of course, this months schedule. I’ve added a new twist to things….

Regarding something I said in the clip….Clips4Sale takes a 25% cut out of all tributes. I said C4S takes a 70% cut out of all tributes, but I meant to say that that is MY cut. But actually they do a 75/25 cut on tributes.

I just started decorating the tree this past weekend, so it’s a work in progress. 😉

Went to #1 in Orgasm Control:


Ache for Me

New today in My clips store…..  Ache for Me

205-Ache-for-MeStrip and Stroke! I’m not gonna beat around the bush–you’re not cumming today. You’re still going to stroke for Me, there just won’t be a happy ending to it. In fact, tomorrow isn’t looking so good either. I don’t feel like you NEED all of those orgasms you’ve been having. In fact, by DENYING your orgasms, I think you will have a much better appreciation for them, when I do allow you to cum. See….orgasm denial isn’t all bad. Keep stroking, because I want you to get nice and hard for Me. I’ve got plans for you today……

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This clip made it to #1 in the Orgasm Denial category: