MJA10: Lingerie Outdoors

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(This clip is from 2005 and is Standard Definition video)

When I did this clip, it was a breezy day and I decided to wear My lingerie outside. The vintage full slip looks a bit sheer in the sunlight and you can see My garter belt right through it. A gust of wind blows My beautiful sheer peignoir (robe) around me and My slip close to My body. Just a short little clip!

Desire and Denial

Only available in My Loyalfans store    (This clip was removed from My C4S store)

Filling you with desire, only to be left full and aching. My favorite time to tease you is on the days that you aren’t allowed an orgasm. But you love every second of it. From the moment I tell that I have nothing on underneath My robe but a garter belt, to each sensual glimpse of bare flesh, to the very end of the clip. My feminine, seductive charms have you at My mercy……. (Priced higher for a reason.)

Little Devil Crush

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291-Little-Devil-CrushThis short clip is from 2008 and it was intended for a foot fetish site (ClassyFootTease) that I never had the enthusiasm to put together. In this clip, I’m wearing seamed stockings and 6 inch high heeled pumps as I crush a little wind-up devil to bits! (And if you watch any of My trample clips in My store, you are well aware what My feet are capable of doing to a human male body!!)