Little Devil Crush

Crush clip added to My store:    Little Devil Crush

291-Little-Devil-CrushThis short clip is from 2008 and it was intended for a foot fetish site (ClassyFootTease) that I never had the enthusiasm to put together. In this clip, I’m wearing seamed stockings and 6 inch high heeled pumps as I crush a little wind-up devil to bits! (And if you watch any of My trample clips in My store, you are well aware what My feet are capable of doing to a human male body!!)

Dangerous Heels

Posted in My clips store today:  Dangerous Heels

237-Dangerous-HeelsThese black leather, 5 and 1/2 inch metal heeled mules are wickedly dangerous. The peep toe shows off My polished toenails and My high arches. I model the heels before dropping a piece of Styrofoam on the floor to pierce with My heels. Granted, I rather sink My heels into male FLESH (and have)! In this clip you’ll watch as I dig My heels into the Styrofoam over and over again and at one point, both of My heels are ‘stuck’. This clip is from 2008 (back when I thought I was going to do a foot fetish site) and is shot in Standard Definition (640×480).