Satin Enchantment

My newest satin clip:  Satin Enchantment

234-Satin-EnchantmentI know how much you love satin and I know how much you love seeing ME in satin. And I enjoy tempting and teasing you in My satin outfits. Nothing makes you weaker than seeing a beautiful woman dressed in satin clothing. And I have so many satin outfits and lingerie and gloves to entice you with. This video is just another one of My glamourous, sensual satin clips where I talk to you about satin and tell you what you are going to do before My next satin video…… (More of My satin videos here: and here:

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Lavender Satin Robe

Love, love, LOVE this gorgeous robe I’m wearing in….

Lavender Satin Robe

136-Lavender-Satin-RobeThis robe is just gorgeous and perfect for ME! It was a gift along with the Baby Blue Satin Robe that I wore in another video. I priced this clip a bit higher because *you* didn’t buy ME this glamorous (and expensive!) robe, so I am going to charge you for the privilege of seeing Me in it. With the robe I wore lavender satin gloves, matching lavender high heels and little panties.

Baby Blue Satin Robe

In My clips store….. Baby Blue Satin Robe

105-Baby-Blue-Satin-RobeI *adore* this satin robe!! Just LOOK at it–it’s gorgeous and PERFECT for ME. Yards of sensual, slinky, shiny, silky SATIN! If you follow MY blog, you’ll know I received this robe as a gift (that I had picked out). I captured this seductive material from many different angles in this video clip. PURE SATIN HEAVEN!!!

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Red Hot Glamour

In this clip I’m wearing a very sexy red satin strapless dress. It hugs My shapely curves perfectly! I glam things up with some elegant long white satin gloves, white peep-toe pumps, glittering jewelry and a white faux fur. Glamourous satin seduction at it’s finest!

155-Red-Hot-GlamourBuy My RED HOT GLAMOUR video clip NOW!

This clip made it to #1 in the Glove Fetish category:


10 Day Masturbation Control

Tomorrow morning…

10 Day Masturbation Control
It’s time for Me to take control of your cock again. First there was My 5 Day Masturbation Schedule and this time it’s 10 days of masturbation control. you need a strict stroking schedule to prevent you from jerking off whenever you feel like it. After all, control the cock, control the man. Listen as I tell you what you will be doing every day, how you’ll be stroking and when you’ll be cumming. Can you do it?


134-10-Day-Masturbation-ControlBuy it and DO it!

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Shooting a couple more videos tomorrow. Finally going to wear that gorgeous Lavender Satin Robe!!

And if you didn’t buy the “Baby Blue Satin Robe” clip, you should go DO THAT NOW.

105-Baby-Blue-Satin-Robe*sigh*  SO glamourous.  Love, love, LOVE!



105-Baby-Blue-Satin-RobeSo remember back when I mentioned this robe HERE. And then, I showed you the robe here when I received it. Well, the video will be posted in MY CLIPS4SALE store tomorrow. Yeah, I priced it a little higher than normal but you are LUCKY to even see Me in it at all! I was thinking of only shooting the video for GloveJim, as he’s the one who bought me this, because most of you cheap WANKERS are sooooo unworthy of seeing Me in gifts OTHERS have given to Me.

*sigh* I LOVVVVVVVVVVVVEEEE this robe. I wear stuff like this SO perfectly!  🙂