Servitude #223

New:   Servitude #223

I went a bit over the top with the frills in this outfit, but you love it. you love everything I wear. I am the ULTIMATE feminine Mistress and you feel so grateful to serve Me. This clip is a bit of a continuation from Servitude #221 and #222 as it’s more of My commands for you. I have some specific masturbation instructions, orgasm demands and chastity time for you.

Servitude #222

New:   Servitude #222

Wrapped around My finger, in the palm of My hand. Did I just describe you, slave? you know I’m always testing your obedience, pushing you further than before. I can be quite a generous Mistress at times, but I will always demand more from you. And this is what I want…..

Servitude #221

New:   Servitude #221

No matter what craziness 2020 has thrown our way, I’m still your Mistress. And you’re still My obedient slave and I STILL control your cock! Back on January 1st, 2020 in Servitude #158 I made My intentions for you very clear for this year. Now it’s time to hit another one of those goals……