you’ll always be a pantyboy

New:   you’ll always be a pantyboy

I wonder what percentage of males have a panty fetish. I suppose that would be hard to find out as not all males are going to be honest about such a thing. But I do know that there are 2 common fears almost every pantyboy shares…..  And I think you have eroticized these fears into fantasies where you can control the outcome. Think of all of the measures you’ve taken to avoid getting caught. But would that really be so bad….?  😉

Sheer Red Lingerie

New:   Sheer Red Lingerie

This clip is HOT! For those of you that purchase My higher priced (hotter) clips, you know what to expect….sensual, erotic, teasing, revealing, and always leaving you craving even more of Me. It’s obvious how comfortable I am with My body and I know how to tease the fuck out of you. If you just so happen to be doing My March 2019 Cock Control instructions, you might not want to watch this clip on a day you aren’t allowed to cum. Because if you do, I’m pretty sure you will….HARD.  😉

(Obviously only the preview image is censored, not the actual clip).

Have you heard the stories…

…about the people (usually males) wearing MAGA hats and getting attacked for it?

It’s rather disappointing and counterproductive to try and fight hate with more hate/violence. 🙄

I don’t think I’ve actually seen someone wear one, but then I don’t pay too close attention to what other people wear. But I say WEAR THEM! Please! Because to Me that just announces you’re a racist, misogynist, homophobe, and generally hateful….all under the guise of “Making America Great Again”. Instead of being anonymous cowards who post comments online, wearing those hats are like a flashing neon sign. Awesome! It makes it so much easier!

I mean, have you ever been in a conversation with someone and they say something to reveal their beliefs and you’re like “Oh….they think like that….” and then you know right then you’ll have to censor yourself around them. (Or better yet, choose not to be around them! lol)

BUT…I do believe they should have the right to wear their (hateful) hats and NOT be attacked for it.

Silken Entrancement

New:  Silken Entrancement

you love satin. I know. 😉 I love satin too. And you know. That’s why you love watching Me, it almost feels like you have someone who knows you so well and indulges you in this fetish. you know that I always wear the most beautiful satin lingerie and I show it off in a way that almost makes you feel like you are right there. Me + Satin = you + an ever growing collection of My satin videos…..


New:  Dicktator

you know I possess absolute power over that dick of yours. It’s something that needs to be controlled and you always seek My guidance and training. Listen to My every word, follow My every order and maybe I’ll give you an opportunity to cum today……

PS–This was one of the 2 vintage nightgowns the professor paid for.  I love the color and the silky nylon but it’s too loose on Me and tag says it’s a Small. Maybe it’s just the style. Do you remember that robe from Luxurious Satin Mistress?  I love that clip! 😊

PPS–Which reminds Me, I have a *beautiful* satin nightgown that I’ll be wearing for a satin clip soon. Yeah, I kinda have a thing for silky nightgowns….. 😜

PPPPPPPPPPPPPS–IF you are following My March 2019 Cock Control clip, this clip is 12:21 in length. Make sure you take that into consideration as I know you want to follow My March instructions to the letter!