Hands up if you remember this….

“Don’t pick up the phone, I’m online!”  *loses internet connection* 😩 🤣

I remember back when I had My paysite and I’d be uploading large video files and sometimes the connection would drop. And it took like an HOUR to upload a file and sometimes it would happen more than once. Ugh, the agony. lol  We are SO spoiled these days.

Servitude #131

New:  Servitude #131

Nature or Nurture? Some males just know this about themselves, but I’m not so sure that was the case with you…..

Annnnddddd…that is the very last clip with My braces! 😁

I am SO looking forward to July! Although I’ll be taking a little break, I will be blog posting. There just won’t be as many clips in July as June though.

I was just thinking today about how beautiful it was and how this past winter dragged on FOREVER. I need to enjoy Summer while it’s here! 🌞

Rainy Thursday….

In less than a week….no more braces!!!! 😃😃😃😃

thomas from Germany sent a tribute….on his knees (apparently… 😉)

Up to #38 on the main page:

I have one more update to post for June which I’ll do either tonight or tomorrow. I won’t be posting as many updates in July because I have other projects/goals/shit to get done that I want to focus on/catch up with next month.

I will have 3 spending opportunities I’ll be posting this weekend for anyone who wants to snap them up. And just like last time, I’ll post pics when they are paid for.

White Nylon Panty Views

New:   White Nylon Panty Views

Going through My panty drawer, I found this pair of Vanity Fair panties to wear. The nylon material is so thin that you can clearly see My garter belt I’m wearing underneath. I show My panties off from various angles and poses, all while touching, rubbing and adjusting them.

These are all My clips as well:

Vintage Shadow Clox Stockings

New:  Vintage Shadow Clox Stockings

I was in the mood to wear another pair of My fancy vintage stockings.. This particular style is called “Shadow Clox” and has clock hands (??) on the side of each leg. (I thought they were arrows…). Under the vintage nylons I wore a pair of pantyhose and over that, a pair of sheer green panties. My black open bottom girdle held up My stockings quite well. I briefly changed My heels to show off a pair I am getting rid of. High Heels, leg posing, nylon soles, hosiery layering, garters, girdle, cleavage, satin gloves, sheer panties and ME.

A few things…

Saw My Orthodontist last week and YES, My braces are coming off very soon. However My teeth have been tender ever since that appointment. 🙄  I *will* be having corn on the cob this Summer and biting into a fried chicken leg and chewing gum and not using 5 different tools to clean My teeth and I CAN NOT WAIT!!! 🤩

I also saw My hairstylist last week for a bit more RED in My hair and I am *this close* to just going all over red. I really want to but…red hair color fades fast and there is major upkeep to it if I want to maintain it. Plus, because I have SO MUCH HAIR, I worry that it can make My hair look…..hmmm…. “wiggy”. (No dimension if I go ONE color….but I can always ADD to it in future appointments).

Did I tell you about the guy who came up to Me at the grocery store and asked Me if My hair was real?? Are you fucking kidding Me? But to be fair, he looked like a fist-fucker who probably didn’t have much (read: ANY) experience talking to Women and therefore didn’t have a fucking clue that’s NOT A QUESTION YOU ASK SOMEONE. I said “Yes” in a cool tone of voice and he just said “Wow” in an awestruck voice.

What the fuck?!  lol  YES, I have THICK hair, YES, I have tons of hair, YES it’s all attached to My head thank you very much! NO I don’t have limp, wimpy hair or use hair extensions or “volumizing” products. And YES, it’s very likely you’ll RARELY see a glorious mane of hair like MINE. *yawn* People can be SO boring at times.

I had a really nice weekend and I’m so glad Summer is here. My boyfriend told Me there was a baby bunny in our yard (they live under My shed year round) and I saw it on Saturday when I was working out. OMG! SO cute, no bigger than My two hands cupped together. I adore BUNNIES!!!  😍  (Only because I don’t garden, otherwise they’d probably be evil incarnate.)

Okay, that’s it for now. I do have some blog posts to do, eventually….not a priority though. And there will new clips this week…soon!

PS—Received the beautiful new robe from Trashy lingerie, from the professor and I’ll be wearing that in July. And also received a tribute from philip who is on My SHITLIST and he knows why. 👿

Calves in Vintage Stockings

New:  Calves in Vintage Stockings

you can’t resist Me when I’m dressed like this….a combination of elegant, feminine and sexy. My outfit shows off just enough of My hourglass figure and shapely legs. Legs in STOCKINGS, vintage stockings to be precise. And My strappy high heels make My feet look so incredibly dainty. I’m kind enough to remove them towards the end just because I know that My nylon soles will do you in…..

Just found out that….

…Pose has been renewed for a THIRD season!!!

ME:   😍😍😍 😊😊 🤗🤗

I *hate* TV (especially commercials!) and yet I LOVE this show. SOOOO happy!!

I *NEED* a meme (gif, whatever) from last nights episode with Elektra sitting on the couch, counting a stash of cash saying “Holy shit! I think I might have finally found a career for me!”  I NEED this in MY LIFE!

(In the meantime, this one from last weeks episode will do.)

I found one!!!!