Pantyhose makes you Cum

Not like it’s a newsflash really 😜   Pantyhose makes you Cum

Check out these black opaque pantyhose I’m wearing today, they are like no pantyhose I’ve ever worn before. So thick and shiny. you’re going to appreciate every inch of them from the tips of My toes, all the way up to My waistband and every curve in between. And I know you’ll be stroking all the way. In fact, I’ll be encouraging you to because at the end, you’ll be making a mess of those pantyhose you are stroking with!

(The dress and the pantyhose were gifts from the professor.)

French Cut Pantyhose

New clip:  French Cut Pantyhose

485-French-Cut-PantyhoseAlthough I prefer stockings & garters, there is something to be said about the smooth toe-to-waist appearance of pantyhose. I workout a lot and I love My strong shapely legs and pantyhose show off all of My lower body curves. Since this pair of French Cut pantyhose have a lace panty built into the hosiery, I decided panties were unnecessary. you’ve bought My pantyhose clips before and you know how hot I make them look and this clip is no different.

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Sheer Black Pantyhose and 6 inch Heels

New pantyhose clip:   Sheer Black Pantyhose and 6 inch Heels

398-Sheer-Black-Pantyhose-and-6-inch-heelsGoing through My pantyhose collection, I found this pair of brand new Wolford Naked 8 pantyhose that I’ve had for a while. I wore them with a pair of black lace panties under (well, for most of the video), a black full slip and black 6 inch high heels! I show off My legs, ass and heels and even My pantyhose gusset, towards the end.

The pantyhose were actually a Christmas gift from the professor….from Dec 2014!  I do like Wolford hosiery but I think I prefer the thicker (higher denier) as this pair got tiny holes in it right away. Plus, I like more of a shine to My pantyhose. Aristoc Ultra Shine 10 denier are one of My favorite brands/styles.

This clip made it to #1 in the Pantyhose/Stockings category: