Birthday tribute mentions…

These boys…..john, the professor, philip, satinmikey, thomas and richard (in Canada)…..made Me a VERY happy Mistress on My birthday!! Good job boys!! ?

*Ahem*….satinmikey WHY have you not purchased My 2019 Birthday Clip??!! ?….YET??  And I say YET, because I know you are going to read this and rectify that. Right?  riiiggghhhttt?  (Yes, the tribute was lovely, but I’m not letting you off the hook. I actually mentioned you in the clip, which is why I’m on your ass about this!! ??)

UPDATE:  satinmikey made things right and bought the clip and even emailed to apologize! Okay, I’ll forgive you. This time…! ?

PS–philip also took care of the Caribou giftcard!

PPS—thomas I read the note on your giftcard and I guess I need to check something very soon!  I’ll let you know!