Hello boys!

New clips coming in June, in fact….just finished writing up your next schedule this evening.

This is just a quickie for now as I wanted to do some good boy mentions:  satinmikey *just* paid for a gorgeous pink satin nightgown off ebay, the professor ordered Me that new robe I wanted from Trashy lingerie, thomas sent an Amazon giftcard and someone popped their tribute cherry and sent Me their first tribute– jt from MN. I love watching new guys buy clips and more clips and more and then finally pluck up the courage to send a tribute and introduce themselves. Well done! ?

PS–Amazon delivered on Monday–Memorial Day. I couldn’t believe it. I thought that was a holiday they didn’t deliver on…?  I have been getting SO much shit from Amazon lately though….  lol  heavier dumbbells, a dumbbell rack (which the boyfriend needs to assemble…!) and more books. This one, THIS, THIS and THIS.  ALL paid for with giftcards. As it should be! ?