Seductive Spell

NEW glamour clip posted:   Seductive Spell

249-Seductive-SpellDo you know how easy it is for Me to get what I want from a man? Very. 😉 I know you love looking at Me, watching Me and I love making you PAY for the privilege. I know how susceptible you are to My charms. I suppose you could accuse Me of using My feminine wiles to get what I want. But I’d have to be foolish not to. Why not take advantage of weak willed men? I know the effect I have on you and of course I’m going to exploit that and use it to My advantage. I make your mind reel, your head spin and your cock throb. And it’s all apart of My plan…..

Satin Enchantment

My newest satin clip:  Satin Enchantment

234-Satin-EnchantmentI know how much you love satin and I know how much you love seeing ME in satin. And I enjoy tempting and teasing you in My satin outfits. Nothing makes you weaker than seeing a beautiful woman dressed in satin clothing. And I have so many satin outfits and lingerie and gloves to entice you with. This video is just another one of My glamourous, sensual satin clips where I talk to you about satin and tell you what you are going to do before My next satin video……

This clip made it to #1 in the Glove Fetish category:


Glamour, Gloves and Girdle

NEW in My clips store:  Glamour, Gloves and Girdle

227-Glamour-Gloves and GirdleWithout Me, your fetish is rather boring. I bring your fetish to life, with My glamourous outfits and sensual moves. I embody your fetish, I AM your fetish. And you can not get enough….you watch as My satin gloves caress My stocking legs, My satin girdle, My curves, My full breasts and you are enchanted and completely under My spell….

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This clip made it to #1 in the Glove Fetish category:



Intoxicating in Satin

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223-Intoxicating-in-SatinI know the effect that seeing Me in satin has on you. I know how you anticipate every new satin video I make and you buy them right up. Just look at all of that shiny yellow satin and how I rub My satin glove hands all over My body. So inviting, you wish you could touch it. Seeing Me in SATIN is your drug. And you just keep coming back and back to get your little fix. I know the power I have over you in My satin clothing, you just can’t get enough!

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White All in one Pantygirdle

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42-White-All-in-one-PantygirdleI know you have a weakness for women in girdles and naturally I enjoy exploiting that weakness. Watch Me in My white lace all-in-one pantygirdle. See the way it hugs My curves. With the girdle I’m wearing a pair of vintage Fully Fashioned stockings, long satin gloves and high heels. 1280×720

Hot Pink Dishwashing Gloves

Hot Pink Dishwashing Gloves

40-Hot-Pink-Dishwashing-GlovesI got a request to wear rubber (latex) dishwashing gloves. I told them if they want to send Me a pair, I’ll wear them. In this clip, you watch Me show you the boxes the gloves came in, measure My hand on the sizing chart, see My reaction at trying on the gloves as well as smell them (I swear they had a sweet scent to them), pull them tight, take one off and put it back on again.

Satin Gloves in the Mirror

NEW in My clips store today:  Satin Gloves in the Mirror

219-Satin-Gloves-in-the-MirrorI’m wearing yet another pair of long satin gloves, this time in orange. I have so many colors in My satin glove collection. If you have a fetish for long, shiny satin gloves then I am your satin gloved Mistress! I show them off in such a perfect sensual, seductive and glamourous way. I know you’d love to touch them, rub them, stroke My satin gloved arms and hands. Indulge your fetish….

This clip made it to #1 in the Glove Fetish category:

satin-no1My last satin glove video, Neon Green Satin Gloves, finally made it to the number one spot in the Glove Fetish category for a few days:

neongreen-no1As did My Stocking Leg Worship clip:

stockingworship-no1That’s what I like to see. Well, that and  $$$$$   🙂

Corset Vixen

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179-Corset-VixenDressed in a tight PVC corset, with an open breast bra underneath, I’m almost spilling out of the top of it. Although I start out wearing a little black mini half slip with My corset, I soon remove it to reveal a sexy red g-string and matching strappy garter belt underneath. My long red satin gloves, black stockings and peep-toe high heels add the finishing touches to my sexy little outfit.