Servitude #158

New:   Servitude #158

2020 cock control and I will push you more than ever before. Starting with your first challenge of the New Year…..

This clip also made it onto the Clips4Sale main page in the overall Top 50 clips on the site. Currently at #42:

Up to #36:


Well look at that….

another Top 50 panty clip:

Well the new sliding glass doors are installed and I LOVE them, the guy did a beautiful job. It did end up taking most of the day, he was here from 9-4:30–but it’s done!

Retainers…..?  So when I tried them on yesterday, they told Me that I’d want to remove them from the back teeth together….but that is not working! And I am NOT fucking up My nails to get these things off, so…..since I pretty much Google/Amazon everything….(YES, I want an easy life and THANK YOU to those who make tools so I can have that! lol)….I found something on Amazon that is used for removing Invisalign trays, which I am pretty certain will work for retainers as well and I am going to try that. Oh and it’s SOOOO lovely when I remove them and they are coated with My spit! ? But…I am the vain one who just HAD to have braces in the first place, so I’ll deal. ?

#14 …. #27 and #1

Pretty cool!  My store made it to #14 (currently) on the main page and Panty Evolution is up to #27:

And My $100 clip (Servitude #118) made it to #1 in the Femdom POV category:

That’s a clip with NO animated preview and a 5 word description. AND loyal boys who bought it right up! Happy Mistress!! ?

The highest My store has made it (on that list) before is #17.  It’s always cool to see and all, but I don’t sweat it if I’m not on there. Many of the studios that are consistently on there update their stores EVERY day, I do not.