Well look at that….

another Top 50 panty clip:

Well the new sliding glass doors are installed and I LOVE them, the guy did a beautiful job. It did end up taking most of the day, he was here from 9-4:30–but it’s done!

Retainers…..?  So when I tried them on yesterday, they told Me that I’d want to remove them from the back teeth together….but that is not working! And I am NOT fucking up My nails to get these things off, so…..since I pretty much Google/Amazon everything….(YES, I want an easy life and THANK YOU to those who make tools so I can have that! lol)….I found something on Amazon that is used for removing Invisalign trays, which I am pretty certain will work for retainers as well and I am going to try that. Oh and it’s SOOOO lovely when I remove them and they are coated with My spit! ? But…I am the vain one who just HAD to have braces in the first place, so I’ll deal. ?