Silky Shiny Sensual Satin

New clip:  Silky Shiny Sensual Satin  (try saying that fast 5 times!  😉

465-Silky-Shiny-Sensual-SatinMy soft skin is wrapped in layers of sumptuous satin and underneath…a pair of silk string bikini panties. All that sensual satin is enough to make you….. (At the end of this clip there are a couple of short segments I shot after other clips, where I was wearing satin clothing. The footage was never used in other clips, I just saved it to include with a future satin clip.)

Well that didn’t take long at all to shoot up to #1:


Short White Satin Robe

New clip:   Short White Satin Robe

442-Short-White-Satin-RobeI wore this outfit for a recent stocking video and I didn’t really show it off, so I thought I’d do a short satin clip as well. This robe is just beautiful and underneath I’m wearing a lavender satin nightie and a sexy pair of bun-hugging panties. At the very end of this clip is a short segment that didn’t get included in My Royal Blue Satin Robe video.

This clip made it to #1 in the Silk & Satin category:


Royal Blue Satin Robe

Here it is:  Royal Blue Satin Robe

435-Royal-Blue-Satin-RobeSatin temptation awaits…… and this time I’m dressed in a beautiful (and expensive!) satin robe with yards of luscious satin material. It deliciously drapes all over My body and the light shows off the shiny (and arousing) sheen. your mind reels and your cock stiffens at the sight of so much SATIN. And once again I have you under My satin spell…..

This clip made it to #1 in the Silk and Satin category:


Satin Session

New clip:   Satin Session

429-Satin-SessionHello My satin addicts. It’s time for another one of our secret satin sessions. I love to tease and I’m all about sensuality. So watch Me and listen to what I have in store for you today…… (Note:  I had a problem with My lighting when I shot this clip and it is not up to My usual high quality standards, but….I’m posting it anyway. Also, the volume is low on this clip for some reason, so you’ll need to turn your volume up higher).

This clip made it to #1 in the Silk & Satin category:


Satin Tease and Denial

New satin clip:   Satin Tease and Denial

421-Satin-Tease-and-DenialI know how you are so used to instant gratification, jerking off and cumming all the time. So today, you are going to endure a little denial for Me. I encourage you to stroke as I talk about orgasm denial and the benefits of it. I always enjoy making males suffer for Me, in some manner. Dressed in beautiful satin lingerie, gloves and shiny pantyhose, it’s not like you are going to say no to Me. Quite the opposite, in fact. you’ll look forward to a little delayed gratification after you listen to what I have to say…….

PS–Honorable mentions in this clip, for those who purchased the items I’m wearing.

PPS–Another blog update coming tomorrow (Tuesday).

Less than 24 hours later and it went to #1 in the Silk & Satin category:

STandD-no1Also My clips and all of these clips made it to #1 before as well:  Satin Submission  –  Satin Secrets  –  Under My Satin Spell

In fact, every single satin clip that I’ve posted on Clips4Sale has made it to #1 (in the Silk & Satin category). you love ME in satin and partially that’s because I really enjoy shooting satin clips. It’s kind of like sex. I’m sure you’ve had sex with someone who wasn’t that into it before. It’s a totally different experience with someone who REALLY enjoys it. Same thing with fetish clips. I only shoot stuff that I really enjoy doing. And it shows.  😉

Satin Submission

you never thought it would happen to you….. Satin Submission

414-Satin-SubmissionDon’t you know what’s happening…. I’ve been slowly enforcing My will on you. I’m used to getting what I want and having My way with a man. And you’re no different. you never could resist Me in all of My gorgeous satin clothing. Everything about Me makes you melt. With My charm and My ultra-feminine ways, it all seemed so innocuous until you realized you had fallen into My satin-spun web. I always knew it was only a matter of time…..

This clip made it to #1 in the Silk & Satin category:


Satin Secrets

New satin clip: Satin Secrets

412-Satin-SecretsTell Me….who knows about your satin fetish? Besides ME that is. Who knows how HARD your cock gets for this shiny, slippery material? Who knows how much you like to stoke with and SOAK satin nighties with your cum? Yeah, that’s what I thought…. But I, your Satin Mistress, know all about your satin secret and today, I’m gonna make you…..

This clip made it to #1 in the Silk & Satin category: