Elegant Enchantress

New clip:   Elegant Enchantress

366-Elegant-Enchantressyou are here by your own free will. you can not be enticed if you are against it, but you’re not. I enjoy dressing in glamourous clothing…..corsets, gloves, jewels, satin and velvet. I find these things have a very strong effect on men. It has them enthralled, as if…..by magic. My gaze penetrates you, and My graceful gestures have you watching My every move. you are aroused and your head is spinning. What have I done to you? you use to think you had free will but now your not so sure anymore. There’s only one thing to do and once you do it, My spell will be complete…..

This clip made it to #1 in the Erotic Magic category:


Blue Glove Tease

Have a thing for long satin gloves? Blue Glove Tease

156-Blue-Glove-TeaseAnother one of My older videos, this one is from 2005 or 2006. I was coloring My hair a darker color back then and the video quality isn’t that great (Standard def 640×480), but it’s still a classic tease clip. I’m wearing black Full Fashioned stockings, a black satin corset and bra and 6 inch blue high heeled sandals. Part way through the clip I slide on a pair of long BLUE satin gloves. So elegant and glamourous. Towards the very end of the clip, I remove the gloves slowly.