Servitude #101

New:   Servitude #101

I know what you’ve done for Me so far and what I demand from you, but what else can you do for Me? I am going to tell you of many other ways I can use you for My amusement, enjoyment and some practical ways as well. After all, you are MINE to be USED and your purpose is to make MY life easier and better. (Preview image is censored, the video is not).

Pink Nylon Panties

New:   Pink Nylon Panties

These pink panties are made from shimmery pink nylon and watching Me move in them, with all the ultra feminine lingerie I’m wearing, is mesmerizing. Just another Mistress Jessica panty clip that you need to add to your ever growing collection……

Aching for More

New:   Aching for More

As much as you enjoy My other clips, it’s these ‘special’ clips that you long for. They feel so much more intimate than all the rest and they are. These sensual glimpses I share with you just make you ache for More, of Me.  (The preview image is censored, the video is not.)

(More of these types of clips.)

Servitude #99

New: Servitude #99

Is serving ME about you listening to Me talk about *your* fetishes, kinks or fantasies? Nope. It’s about you listening to Me talk about whatever MY heart desires and feeling appreciative for every word. (MY slaves….I have some new demands for you boys….)

September 2018 Masturbation Schedule

New:   September 2018 Masturbation Schedule

This month’s schedule is something I’ve never done before and something I’ll never do again, but I like to try new things with your monthly schedules. There is a keyword this month and many tasks for you to complete. I kinda think you are going to like this  schedule.  😉