Servitude #306-Pantied Pussy Worship

New:  Servitude #306-Pantied Pussy Worship

Everything I need to control you, I was born with. My power emanates from what’s inside these panties. As a heterosexual male, I know your obsession with pussy. And I also know that just the tiniest glimpse of Mine blows your mind. Today you will worship My pantied pussy as you listen to My words and the picture they paint in your mind. Desire overcomes you when you see clips like this one, but I always leave you craving more….(Preview is censored, the clip is not).

Servitude #304-Release

New:  Servitude #304-Release

you’re going to cum for Me today, at My command. And there’s just one little thing I want you do to. Really easy. I explain to you that there is something new I want you to try, but I don’t say specifically what it is. Maybe you can catch the hint in this video of where things are going…..