20 seconds to cum

New:   20 seconds to cum

Begin this video with a HARD cock! Every time you touch your cock and balls it will only be how I say. Will your cock be ready to blow in just 20 seconds after only being stimulated the way I allow? Let’s find out! (Preview is censored, clip is not)

Fantasy is Necessary

New:  Fantasy is Necessary

Did you know the average person has about 6,000 thoughts a day? That’s a lot of thinking and I’m willing to bet that most of it is about practical things, daily stressors, worries, stuff of that ilk. Whereas fantasy is letting your mind go. Fantasy is like giving your mind a little vacation, letting it dream up whatever it wants…..

Black Lace Vintage Nylons

New:   Black Lace Vintage Nylons

From My collection of vintage stockings is this pair of Hanes “Lace” seamless nylons. I paired them with a black lace open bottom all-in-one girdle, black high heeled mules, a purple satin half slip and a sheer black bed jacket. I show them off from so many great angles. A must have for any vintage stocking lover.

Panty gusset makes you gush

New:  Panty gusset makes you gush

I know panties turn you on but there is one part of the panty that is especially alluring. And that part is the panty GUSSET, the crotch area. The part of the panty that gets more pussy than you ever will!  lol  Which is part of the reason it IS so exciting to you. A Woman’s most intimate areas are pressed up right against that little piece of material. MY most intimate areas are covered by these shiny, full cut nylon panties which I tease you with by so many tantalizing views. Views you never can resist…..

Devotion is Hot

New:   Devotion is Hot

I think I speak for most Women when I say this…..Devotion is HOT! A male doing his BEST for his Mistress, Domme or Goddess is such a beautiful thing. I mean, why would you want to be mediocre or only do the bare minimum? Devotion is a conscious choice made by males who strive to please the divine Female.

One Finger Tease

New:   One Finger Tease

Never underestimate the power of TEASE. Giving you a little and always leaving you wanting more. That’s the point of the one finger tease and My instructions for you in this clip. Leaving your cock begging for more stimulation….

Black Lace Body Worship

New:   Black Lace Body Worship

I’ve been meaning to wear this vintage nightgown forever. One side is black lace and see through with a slit all the way up to….. Panties felt unnecessary with such revealing lingerie, but strappy 6 inch heels were most definitely necessary! Every curve, every inch of bare flesh deserves to be worshipped and adored. (Preview is censored, the clip is not)

Here is the white version of this same nightgown in one of My lingerie catalogs from 1986:

Vintage lingerie is the BEST!  🥰