Servitude #285

New:   Servitude #285

Last January I shot a clip letting you know of My cock control goals for you for the year. I’m not doing that this year. Letting you know, that is. But rest assured, I have plenty in store for you. I do, however, have a few days of instructions for part of this clip and the rest is pure eye candy.

Servitude #283

New:   Servitude #283

I’m stringing you along this month, little by little. Keeping you wondering what I have in store for you next. I will tell you this…..I’ve been itching to deny you for a long period of time. you need that and I want that. And just look at Me…’ll give Me anything I want…..

Servitude #282

New:   Servitude #282

A brand new year! So full of promise, and of course…..control, challenges, guidance, tasks, opportunities and instructions. I have some encouragement for you as I tell you how I feel you did in 2020. My approval, you crave. you desire a strong, sensual Mistress to give you purpose. I know exactly what you need…..

Servitude #281

New:   Servitude #281

you play with yourself all.the.time. Well, you used to….before Me. Now, I control that. And as you know, your schedule shows (Servitude #273) that today is a day that you aren’t cumming and you aren’t touching yourself at all. But there IS something that you can do and I want you to try it. So watch Me in My little skirt suit, garters and stockings, high heels and lace back panties and remember—hands OFF your cock!  😉

Servitude #279

New:   Servitude #279

More culling of My lingerie collection and this lavender petticoat is on the chopping block. Frou-frou is kinda fun but just not My style anymore. Lucky you get to see Me in it one last time, along with garters, FF stockings, panties, hot ass views and a gorgeous satin corset. But this clip isn’t about My lingerie, it’s about your final 14 days of cock control instructions for 2020.

Servitude #278

New:   Servitude #278

Today is tease and….?  Well if you have your masturbation schedule (#273), then you know what today is. I just felt like teasing the hell out of you with one of My awesome panty teases.  I’m wearing a pair of silky, nylon light blue panties. They are a bit fuller cut side than I prefer but I’m NOT breaking My rule of NO GRANNY PANTIES in 2020 (LOL), so it’s okay. you watch Me as I pull them up, I pull them down, and I take them off. (Preview is censored, the clip is not).