Panty Modeling 2

New:  Panty Modeling 2

I’ll admit it….I’m a total panty hoarder. I love buying new sexy panties, but I have a hard time letting go of old ones. I found 3 pairs to get rid of but I want to show them off one last time. As usual, I talk about panties and tease you about your panty fetish.

Satin Layers

New:   Satin Layers

I’ve been meaning to wear this elegant black satin robe for quite some time now. I recently got this hot pink satin nightgown and the two make a striking combination. you can never resist Me or all of My dazzling satin lingerie. The layers of satin look like liquid poured over My curves. The shine, the slippery feel……you’re already feeling the effect…..


This isn’t anything new…..

I have been online since December of 1994 and I’ve watched the internet evolve from something more underground (not everyone and their brother was online, like they are now) to what it is today. Back then it was AOL, CompuServe, MSN and today it’s Twitter, Snapchat, Facebook, YouTube and Instagram. I’ve seen YouTube videos that I don’t think the person (or persons) being recorded gave their consent or was even aware. But with the ease of video cameras on Smartphones, you can record someone so inconspicuously.

My boyfriend and I were out somewhere and there was a guy with his teenage sons nearby and the guy wasn’t watching his kids. He was facing Me and I got the distinct feeling (just the way he was holding his phone) that he was recording Me. It felt creepy as fuck. But this is the world we live in now.

More to come on this topic……

New clip is NOW in store….problem fixed.

I put up a new clip last night before I went to bed and it showed as activated in the admin, but it didn’t show in My store. This morning it STILL wasn’t in My store so I contacted support and now it’s showing like it should be.

Another new clip is going up tonight as well!

Married men are easy Prey

New clip:   Married men are easy Prey

If I had a dollar for every time I’ve seen a miserable married man, I’d be sitting on a mountain of money. I can just tell you haven’t had sex in ages. SEX….is an important part of a healthy and happy intimate relationship. It makes you feel ALIVE. But your needs have been neglected for so long by your hag of a wife. Just look at Me in this beautiful lingerie…..My full breasts, My tiny waist and My sexy body stir up desire in you. I’m the type of woman that would make your wife burn up with jealously and she should be, since I’m making her husband stroke for ME…..