Servitude #241

New:   Servitude #241

A pure Mistress worship clip today. you feel total gratitude to view such intimate and erotic glimpses of My body. I don’t *need* to reveal anything, nudity is never necessary, but the truth is……it turns ME on to do these types of clips. And it’s just a bonus that it makes your head explode….both of them.  😉  I’m dressed in a beautiful (new to Me) vintage satin robe, a vintage full slip with a sheer bodice, a satin garter belt, the silkiest pink nylon panties, white lace stocking tops and pink Louboutin heels. you will feel so close to Me in this clip, but it’s the closest you’ll ever get and you know that. And that is exactly why you feel grateful every time I share these private views with you. Worship, adore and enjoy! (Preview image is censored, the clip is not)

Servitude #240

New:    Servitude #240

I built My lingerie (vintage pink full slip, string bikini panties, strappy high heels and a nude garter belt) around a pair of contrasting pink seamed stockings. (I’ve had them for years and never wore them!) I have more instructions for you (your cock) but first I mention a recent tribute and My current desires. After I go over your new schedule, I have a little surprise. I shot some bonus footage after I came back from the post office with a package. Watch My reaction as I unbox a new gift from a slave!

Servitude #239

New:   Servitude #239

A deprived dick cums so much harder than one that gets to cum all the time. That’s something you learned with My training. And an orgasm guided by your Mistress is the best way to cum. you don’t need My encouragement to stroke, but you love it. Teasing you in My stockings, little pink lace panties and satin lingerie. Making you prolong the pleasure just a bit longer. It’s always worth the wait……

Servitude #238

New:   Servitude #238

I decided to go for a full on vintage vixen look today. Underneath everything I’m wearing a pair of pantyhose for some nylon layering. Over that I have on a bright blue lace panty girdle with the 4 garter straps holding up My vintage Full Fashioned nylons. A white satin bustier, a lace trimmed nylon half slip, a sheer vintage robe, white satin gloves and iridescent high heeled mules complete My look. As I show off everything I’m wearing, I sensually and teasingly encourage you to stroke. Preferably with something silky wrapped around your cock as you do so.

Servitude #237

New:   Servitude #237

So mesmerizing….the glossy satin, silky robe, gorgeous lace, shiny pantyhose, glittering heels and one sensual Mistress. More instructions for you for a few more days. Before Me, your masturbation was mindless and mediocre. But My guidance, My training and My control has made everything so much better.

Servitude #236

New:   Servitude #236

A cock control challenge for today. you know how these work….you follow My instructions to the letter and maybe you’ll get to cum. There’s a little bit of a twist to this one though, something new I’m trying to see how well you listen.  I’m wearing a vintage nylon nightgown, lace and nylon panties and gold, peep toe Louboutins. At some point the panties come off and so does the nightgown. I am SO good at teasing the hell out of you….always making you crave more. (Preview is censored, the clip is not)

Servitude #234

New:   Servitude #234

Gifts and instructions. you missed Me, I know. It was only a week, but I don’t like to leave slaves up to their own devices. So I have something for you, to keep you busy for a few days. I show off a few recent gifts (not shown in preview) and some old slave-paid gifts as well. (A glamorous satin and ostrich feather robe and Louboutin heels.)

Servitude #232

New:   Servitude #232

This beautiful baby blue satin nightgown/robe set was slave-paid, of course. And no, he doesn’t have a satin fetish, he has a give-Mistress-whatever-SHE-wants-fetish. First I show off the lingerie and then I get down to business. (Yeah, not *that* kind of business. Not sorry). I talk to MY slaves about accomplishing their recent goal and the pleasure today will bring for them. And then I talk about Female Privilege. Do I LOOK like the kind of Woman who says “Whoa is Me! I was born a Female, life is SO hard”??  Hell NO!  lol  My motto has always been “Life is what you MAKE it”. And while we are on the topic, I feel it’s important to mention a significant male dis-advantage. SPOILER:  your hand is on it right now.  😉