The “pre-birthday” tribute…

…. was a nice little surprise. 😊  you know who you are and YES, it is the most important day of the year!

I was going to do a tribute birthday clip this year but didn’t get around to it. But really, is it a ‘tribute’ if you are getting something in return (clip)?  (Correct answer: NO. 😉)

I received a gorgeous gift yesterday that I’ll be showing off soon in an upcoming video and a few others are arriving after My b-day.

Eager to Stroke

New:   Eager to Stroke

I think it’s fair to say that sexual frustration is not a state desired by most men. But you, are not most men. you were looking for something different, something to make your orgasms more intense and orgasm denial is the key. It doesn’t matter that I’m just going to deny you today, you are always so eager for any opportunity to stroke to My voice, My body, My encouraging words…..