The male ego

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The male ego has caused more damage to males themselves. you never hear it referred to in a positive manner and for good reason. Femdom is not (to Me anyway) about destroying a male. It’s about encouraging and guiding those males that have an appreciation for the Divine Feminine Way.

Desire becomes Surrender

New:  Desire becomes Surrender

Regret is an awful emotion to live with. It’s a reminder of what could have been. An opportunity for something (someone?) you wanted so badly and for whatever reason, you let it slip by. Only to realize too late that you may never have that chance again. But when your desire is strong enough and you want something more than anything…..

No Touch

New:  No Touch

A lesson in self-control. I know how much you touch yourself, many times just mindlessly so because you’re so used to it. Chastity, of course, is always preferable and actually would be easier. But you won’t be in chastity for this. It will take more effort and a constant self-awareness to do what I want you to do. To resist the urge that’s always there….