The temptation is always there

New:  The temptation is always there

The internet is one of the greatest modern inventions that has had such a profound effect on all of our lives. It’s so easy to find what ever you want online and some things you never knew you wanted…… If you’re bored, lonely or horny, you’re sure to find something to satisfy your desires. And that’s how you ended up here. I’ll tell you how it happened and why it happened. And unless you plan to completely give up the internet forever, it will happen again and again…..

Pussy or Palm?

New:   Pussy or Palm?

I know you jerk off a lot, but why is that? Is it choice or circumstances? Do you even remember the last time you’ve had sex? Have you ever experienced _____ or what about ____? I don’t understand why any man would choose the palm of his hand over a ___, ____, ___ pussy.

(I could have easily gone in quite a humiliating direction with this clip, but went for a more sensual approach.)

Hill’s Angels…

From the 1:05 mark onward….I want ALL the lingerie.

When I was a kid/teen, the Benny Hill show was on tv later at night and I remember thinking the Hill’s Angels were so pretty. It definitely left an impression on Me.

And I know in 2019 this is in bad taste, but stuff like this:

still makes Me giggle. 😂

August 2002….

Wow…hard to believe this was 17 years ago (and taken with My first digital camera).

I believe that was My very first costume from Trashy Lingerie. I actually bought it used on ebay for like $250, but it was in excellent condition. I wore it in My Sexy Black Thigh Boots video:

Awww…. Tiger. 😌  Him and his sister were the first 2 cats I ever adopted as an adult. I had only intended to get ONE cat, but the folks at the Humane Society really didn’t want to split them up (they were 5 years old) so….I ended up getting two.