Servitude #261

New:   Servitude #261

Perhaps it hasn’t been easy, but a challenge isn’t supposed to be. It’s meant to push you further than you ever thought you could go before. you need to hear these encouraging words from Me, your Mistress, your purpose, your reason for doing all of this. you wouldn’t do this by yourself. Not only does it feel meaningless without a Mistress, it wouldn’t be as HOT or exciting. I could tell you that you don’t really have to do this, but you WANT to. you want THIS.

Servitude #260

New:   Servitude #260

This sheer blue babydoll is a bit too cutesy for My tastes these days, but for some reason I just wanted it. (slave-paid, of course). And OMG….it is SO NOT “Mistress-like”!!  hahaha Just kidding!  😉  I wear what ever the fuck I feel like and slaves STILL submit to Me. A few tribute mentions and then 10 days of masturbation instructions for you. And then…..I make you melt with My sensual magic. (The preview is censored, the clip is not)

Servitude #255

New:   Servitude #255

One of *those* clips….a bit more revealing, but in the most sensual way. These kind of clips drive you wild, because you crave these rare glimpses I share. Pure Mistress Worship. I start out applying some lip gloss and putting on a pair of long satin gloves. Underneath My beautiful rose print satin nightgown I’m wearing a pair of red satin panties, white lace top stockings and red strappy heels. There’s a bit of erotic panty play in this clip, as well as a striptease. By the end of the clip, the only thing I’m actually wearing, are My earrings. (The preview is censored, the clip is not).

Servitude #254

New:   Servitude #254

Total eye candy. From the tips of My polished toe nails all the way up to My glossy lips. Satin, lace, stockings and (almost) 6 inch strappy heels. My shapely legs in lilac full fashioned nylons, My perfectly pedicured feet perched in the highest heels and My nice round ass in a little pair of panties. Me: utterly feminine, you: totally enchanted.  I mention some recent tributes and then I have some cock control instructions for you for the next week.

Servitude #253

New:   Servitude #253

As usual, I’m dressed in all sorts of alluring lingerie….. sheer panties, silky pantyhose, Louboutin stilettos, long satin gloves, a satin bustier and a beautiful vintage half slip. I have some tribute and gift mentions and then a task: A daily slave ritual for the next 14 days. Something to enhance your feelings of submission and My ownership over you.

(Hmm….7 of the 9 top slip clips are mine. 👍)

Servitude #252

New:   Servitude #252

Who knew you’d get so deeply aroused by submitting to Me, by Me having My way with you, by controlling your pleasure, by taking your money……I knew.  😉  Underneath My crotchless bodystocking I’m wearing a fishnet thong and sheer bikini top. Both are censored in the preview, but not in the video.