So MY footage is still up in that other person’s THIEF’S clip store. C4S said I had to fill out a DMCA takedown request, which I did, immediately. I got a response on Monday saying that it could take 72 hours, which would be tomorrow. I’ll probably email them tonight as it’s still up.

Looking at the other clips in that store, it ALL looks like stuff taken from YouTube and other clip models (not any that I know, or I’d contact them to let them know). NONE of their content looks original, it all looks like it was stolen from somewhere (like I said YouTube probably).

I had to deal with something similar years ago when I had My paysite. Someone (and I checked My records, they had joined My site once) had an Upksirt website and posted MY videos and a bunch of other stocking/lingerie/panty fetish type models and they were running it as a paysite–so charging money to view OTHER peoples copyrighted material. And their credit card processor…CCbill…which was MY cc processor as well. I was furious! Filled out the paperwork, contacted other models to let them know and My stuff was taken down. I realize that these sites can’t check the content of every single clip producer, but It still pisses Me off to see someone try to profit off of something *I* created and own the copyright to. But ya know….some people are garbage human beings. ?