And while I’m at it….

…because I am SOOOOOO tired of all the nonsense in this fucking world…

Every month when I get My PERIOD, I always shake My head at those who expect ME to believe that a human being born with a PENIS and yet “identifies” as a female is IDENTICAL to ME, a BIOLOGICAL female. Nope. That someone who will NEVER menstruate, never have to worry about getting pregnant, monthly hormonal fluctuations and then eventually menopause is the SAME as a BIOLOGICAL female. Again, NOPE.

Oooo…I’m a “hater”, I’m _____-phobic, I’m a TERF, yadda, yadda. (Sorry, not a FEMININST either….there’s yet another angry mob of people….)

Whatever you choose to do with your body is *your* business, but do not even TRY to force your beliefs on ME because I will not agree with them. And that is MY RIGHT. Just because *you* might feel like you were ‘born in the wrong’ body does NOT give you the right to try and convince everyone else on this fucking planet that an APPLE is an ORANGE. 🙄