So….I don’t do personal posts too often, but I felt like putting this out there.

I don’t have any “proof”, but I very likely had Covid this past week and a half. Today is day 11. Both My boyfriend and I were sick, he was sick first for a few days and then on Jan 3rd I had a mild sore throat. In the evening I started getting chills and feeling really tired. Woke up on the 4th feeling like I had the flu, horrible headache and body aches and feeling run down and tired. I didn’t sleep well for 3-4 nights because I kept burning up at night and one night woke up with night sweats. After that happened, I slept much better. The first couple of days it felt more flu-like (mild flu like), but after that it totally felt like a cold. Congestion, SO MUCH sneezing!!!  (lol), runny nose, cough, some post nasal drip, yadda, yadda…COLD symptoms.

This is My second time getting Covid, the first being Nov 2020 and we were tested then (positive). One thing that was common both times and I have never had with “the flu” or a cold is feeling better and then crappy again, feeling good and then feeling run-down tired again.

I *wanted*to get tested but everywhere I looked they were booked out DAYS in advance and I only had it the first time for 10 days and this was the same. So you kind of need to get tested within that window and I couldn’t find anywhere to get tested. So I don’t have the “proof” of a positive test. 🙄

My boyfriend found out he had been around 2 people who were also sick, so we found out where it came from.

Because there is a LOT out there that says “Omicron is NOT mild”, I want to put MY experience out there and tell you that for ME………the level of discomfort with this was nothing more than what I’d experience with the a cold. And YES, *I* would say this WAS MILD for *Me*. I did NOT darken the doorstep of any hospital for this, because it was nothing more than what I would feel having a COLD/mild-flu.

Listen, if you are smart and think for yourself, you’ve maybe realized by now that we are being fed ONE narrative by the media. I’ve ranted about this in a few other posts back in 2021 and I promised Myself I’d leave that anger about ‘things’ in 2021.  lol

We NEED to hear about more experiences from people who have had COVID experiences similar to Myself because I KNOW they are out there. But you won’t hear about them in the mainstream media….

According to the media, ALL unvaccinated people are basically evil and to blame for everything Covid and they are taking up beds in hospitals, yadda, yadda.

I am UNVACCINATED and I will remain that way as I see no need for a vaccine for something with a 98-99% SURVIVAL rate. I have had Covid TWICE now and neither time did I need to go to a hospital. But we aren’t allowed to say that because the left will LOSE THEIR SHIT!  lol  🤭

My wish for 2022 is that people will just start to question things. How many boosters do you need for a vaccine that supposedly works? How many deaths were really FROM Covid and not with COVID? What do people who DO die from Covid have in common? America had an obesity epidemic way before Covid came along. You telling Me that didn’t set some people up for having more severe reactions to Covid? Do you really believe everything your government and the media tells you? Why are some Americans so willing to give up autonomy over their own bodies and are angered by those who aren’t willing to do so as well? Why is there such a fear of DEATH when we all know that is how life ends?

There are people brave enough to go up against the majority and ASK these questions and more. And I only hope, that in time, after people have their 4th, 5th, 6th booster….they will actually start asking questions.

Me? I’m going to continue to have faith in My own body and health and immune system to do what it is suppose to do NATURALLY.  And if I’m wrong, then the jokes on Me and this is what is going to take Me off this earth. But until then…..

I’m not going to live in fear. Life is beautiful and precious and fear is draining and exhausting.

I look forward to getting back into My workouts—I have SO missed moving My body! And the plan is to get back to shooting clips next week.

This is just a blip in 2022. The major takeaway I got from 2021 was ADAPTABILTY. Life is….weird now and the quicker you can accept/adjust, the happier you’ll be. Well, I think so anyway. 😜

PS….And meditating. Seriously. LOVE the Headspace app, use it everyday.