OMFG…..(a rant! lol)

I TRY to avoid the news and such but sometimes the headlines are just there, like…..

“Menopause is not only experienced by women, NHS draft guidance claimed”

WRONG. Menopause is ONLY experienced by WOMEN (Adult Human Females….shoutout to Kelly Jay Keen!  lol).

WOMEN menstruate, WOMEN have OVARIES that release an EGG every month from puberty till menopause, WOMEN can get pregnant. And ONLY WOMEN.

But what do you expect from the NHS who recently stated that:

“An NHS trust has said that breast milk produced by trans women who were assigned male at birth is as good for babies as that produced by a mother who has given birth.”

WHY????? 🤢 Just fucking WHY would a BIOLOGICAL MALE (who’s trying to cosplay being a female) want to breast-feed a child unless they were a TOTAL fucking creep/pervert.

This shit just sickens Me. Call Me trans-phobic, I don’t give a shit. 😂 As a BIOLOGICAL female (not fucking “cis”), I am PRO-FEMALES. ENOUGH of this nonsense already!

I love JK Rowling’s no fucks given attitude and Riley Gaines being brave enough to stand up for WOMEN ONLY in WOMEN’S sports!!  (It’s SO fucking true and FUNNY about the mediocre male athletes trying to get into Women’s sports. And sad).

UGH!!  I am SOOOOO tired of this shit and honestly, I think there are A LOT of other Americans who feel the SAME fucking way. I really think we are going to get a Republican in office come November 2024. (Yeah, I know….another nightmare of 4 years).

WHY has everything gotten SO fucking EXTREME over the past 8 or so years?


(Okay, I’m done ranting…I’ve got other things to do.)