Downward Spiral

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323-Downward-Spiralyou think about it all the time. How it would play out…if you could go through with it. It’s your favorite jerk-off fantasy, the one you cum the hardest to. you know what I’m talking about. your desire to be completely financially destroyed by a beautiful and unrelenting woman. There is no mercy in total RUINATION. Once you start, I won’t stop until I have EVERYTHING and you have nothing. That is the goal, after all. you are going to wank it all away and I am going to encourage you every step of the way. This is the beginning of your end……

UPDATE: Not even in my store for 24 hours and it’s already made it to #1 in the Financial Domination category. I love it when you boys $PEND!!

DS-no1My Insurance Policy clip also made it to #1 a few days ago.