Feet on Face

For those who like feet and face standing:   Feet on Face  (**This clip was removed from My store, see this blog post as to why.)

367-Feet-on-FaceThis clip was shot in 2008 and intended for a foot fetish website that I never ended up doing. As you can tell from the preview image, My feet are bare, My toenails are polished pink and I’m wearing a pair of denim foot thongs. I show off My feet for a few seconds before putting one of them on trampleguy’s face. (Lucky him!) I balance on his face for a little while (or as I called it in the video ‘face surfing’) and then get off to let him breathe and then do another face stand for a few seconds. I move so My heels are face the camera and do another face stand and even go up on My tip-toes while balancing on his face. I jump off his face and tell him I’ll let him breathe for a minute and then say “Just for a minute!” and promptly place My foot over his mouth. I always had FUN when I shot My foot videos with trampleguy and My playful-yet wicked-teasing comes across in all of My trample videos. I did a few small jumps on his face and then used My feet to pinch and slap his face, pinch his nose shut, and move his head around. I changed the camera angle and the rest of the clip is what it says on the tin–Feet on Face.