Pantyhose Trample

Another old trample clip, available once again:  Pantyhose Trample

373-Pantyhose-TrampleNo warm-up for trampleguy! I just started off jumping and running in place on his chest and then laughing at his groans. My feet and legs are clad in shiny pantyhose and My toenails polished, of course. After giving his chest a little workout, I do a (full body weight) stand on the top of his face and the sides, do some face jumps and stand on just My tip-toes. Then I go back to his check for more jumping. Then back to his face for some more face standing and I allowed him to kiss My pantyhose toes. A closer camera angle and I attempt to ‘gouge’ (lightly) one of his eyes with My big toe. I control his breathing by placing My nylon foot over his nose and mouth. I try to gouge the other eye and then there is a little bit of ‘foot adoration’. I finish off with a great face stand, some more face jumps and back to his chest for a final quick trample! Shot back in 2005 and in Standard definition (640×480).

Feet on Face

For those who like feet and face standing:   Feet on Face

367-Feet-on-FaceThis clip was shot in 2008 and intended for a foot fetish website that I never ended up doing. As you can tell from the preview image, My feet are bare, My toenails are polished pink and I’m wearing a pair of denim foot thongs. I show off My feet for a few seconds before putting one of them on trampleguy’s face. (Lucky him!) I balance on his face for a little while (or as I called it in the video ‘face surfing’) and then get off to let him breathe and then do another face stand for a few seconds. I move so My heels are face the camera and do another face stand and even go up on My tip-toes while balancing on his face. I jump off his face and tell him I’ll let him breathe for a minute and then say “Just for a minute!” and promptly place My foot over his mouth. I always had FUN when I shot My foot videos with trampleguy and My playful-yet wicked-teasing comes across in all of My trample videos. I did a few small jumps on his face and then used My feet to pinch and slap his face, pinch his nose shut, and move his head around. I changed the camera angle and the rest of the clip is what it says on the tin–Feet on Face.