A list of My trample related clips!

I have been meaning to do this for a while now and it’s finally done!  From around 2004/2005 to 2008/2009, I shot various trample/ballbusting/cock ‘torture’ clips with trampleguy. It was actually him who encouraged Me to open a Clips4Sale store, which was My first one way back in 2005. He got all the pain, I got ALL the profits!  lol  🤑

It was really with My sessions with him that I discovered My true sadistic nature! 😈 Some women would get squeamish at some of the things I did to trampleguy and yet I relished it. Very often you’d hear My wicked laughter, in those old clips, while he was yelling out in pain. HAHAHAHA  Good times! 😉

I’ve posted almost all of these old clips to to My store already, and I only have about 8 more to post one day, but I’m in no hurry. I also included all of the clips I shot for an intended foot fetish site that I never got around to doing. The clips are buried in My store with all My other clips, so here is a list of links to all of those types of clips. (I will update it when I do get around to adding the rest of the clips.)

Back Trample

Ball Kicking

Banana Smash

Beer Cap Trample

Beer Cap Trample 2

Heel insertion, Ball piercing and More

Busting his Balls

BZ Shredder Heel Trample

Clear Plate Cock Crush

Cock Jump Trample

Face Slapping

Thigh Boot Ball Kicking

Tack Heel with Heel Insertion

Seamed Stocking Trample

Phonebook Cock Crush

Under My Heels

Throat Standing Eye Gouging

Cock Jumping

Foot Face Play

Tack Heel Trample

Face Jumping

Cock Standing and Crushing

Cock Stomp and Ball Kicks

Face Standing in Fetish Heels

Tack Heel Cock Trample

Green Heel Dangle

Pretty Pink Toes

Needle Heel Cock Piercing

High Heel Show

Metal Heel Trample

Back Trample 2

Crushing his Junk

Bare Feet and Pink Toes

Cruel Ice Skate Trample

Metal Heel Insertion

Jelly Donut Smash

Face Bouncing

Dangerous Heels

Head Crushing and Heel Scraping

Strappy Pink Sandals

My Trampoline

Little Devil Crush

Face Standing in Heels

Barefoot Trampling

Heel Show (I actually shot this for My old lingerie site….but it’s foot/heel related so I’m including it)

Metal Heel Face Trample

Pump and Play  (I shot this one at the same time:  Outdoors in FF Nylons)

Feet on Face

Throat Standing

Heels can Hurt

Pantyhose Trample (and Facestanding)

Nipple Torture Trample

High Heel Branding

Toes and Soles

Dirty Feet

Shoes, socks and Toes

Red Toes and Nylon Soles

Wet Feet

I’ve thought about doing more trample/ballbusting/cock crush stuff before but….I kind of feel like ‘been there, done that’ about it.  I really enjoy shooting POV clips now as I feel they are more personal. I was always trying to think up new and crazy things to do to trampleguy, short of killing him (LOL–a JOKE!!), and I felt like maybe we were doing some of the same stuff over again.

And since I’m talking about My trample clips THIS post and THIS one are both totally relevant. (That’s back when the professor first got sucked into My web 😉).

(And to be clear, I do NOT do sessions. Don’t ask.)

Pantyhose Trample

Another old trample clip, available once again:  Pantyhose Trample

373-Pantyhose-TrampleNo warm-up for trampleguy! I just started off jumping and running in place on his chest and then laughing at his groans. My feet and legs are clad in shiny pantyhose and My toenails polished, of course. After giving his chest a little workout, I do a (full body weight) stand on the top of his face and the sides, do some face jumps and stand on just My tip-toes. Then I go back to his check for more jumping. Then back to his face for some more face standing and I allowed him to kiss My pantyhose toes. A closer camera angle and I attempt to ‘gouge’ (lightly) one of his eyes with My big toe. I control his breathing by placing My nylon foot over his nose and mouth. I try to gouge the other eye and then there is a little bit of ‘foot adoration’. I finish off with a great face stand, some more face jumps and back to his chest for a final quick trample! Shot back in 2005 and in Standard definition (640×480).

Heel Insertion, Ball Piercing and More!

Extreme CBT with high heels…  Heel Insertion, Ball Piercing and More

63-Heel-Insertion-Ball-Piercing-and-moreThis is probably one of the most extreme videos I’ve ever shot—and I LOVE it! 🙂 But it is NOT for the squeamish! I put this video in the Trampling category as I couldn’t find a cock t0rture or heel insertion category. Again, this is one of My older videos from 2006, but it is RARE to see such extreme clips–in other words, an oldie but a goodie! I start out wearing the red/clear heels but each one has a different heel tip on it. With the one heel, I insert it into the head of trampleguys cock and with the other, I pierce his ball sack. I laughingly referred to the the heel insertion as ‘heel fucking’, as trampleguy was crying out in agony. Then, about halfway through the video, I changed ONE of My heels to one with SPIKES on the sole. And then I proceeded to do a heel insertion with the one heel and the tack heeled shoe pressed against his nut sack. Seriously, this is some crazy (consensual) stuff that you probably won’t see anywhere else. The quality isn’t as good as My current high definition videos, but it’s not horrible either. The video screen is 640×480.