Nipple Torture Trample

An oldie available again:   Nipple Torture Trample

393-Nipple-Torture-TrampleThe clip starts out where I am removing My 6 inch heeled sandals and changing into a pair of black, strappy, lower-heeled sandals. I model the heels for a few seconds before getting down to business. I waste no time dragging (and DIGGING) My heels into trampleguy’s nipples. With a high heel on each nipple, I dig them at the same time and just hold them. (I was always pushing trampleguy’s pain threshold!!)  THEN, I decided to twist back and forth while still digging into his flesh. Then when I let up for a few seconds and he thinks I’m going to give him a break, I DIG IN AGAIN!  hahaha  (Might want to have your volume low on this clip, unless loud yelling in pain won’t be an issue). I tried to do a double heel dig in one nipple and I dug My heels in nice and DEEP and rocked back and forth. I do delight in My sadism!  😉  Buy this clip and watch trampleguy suffer under My pretty (wicked!) high heeled feet!  (This clip is from 2006 and was shot in standard 640×480 definition)