Sucked In

New clip:   Sucked In

392-Sucked-InCuriosity….that’s how it always starts. Or maybe it’s even before then, with boredom. Looking for something new and exciting and somehow you stumbled upon Financial Domination. The idea didn’t turn you off and your curiosity got the better of you and you bought one clip. That’s safe, right? But you didn’t stop at one clip, you just kept buying. A taste wasn’t enough, you wanted more. you never thought this would happen to you, so in control in your every day life, but something about this fetish just sucked you in. The right woman can get a man to do just about anything. Even things he thought he’d never do……

Currently up to #2 in the Financial Domination category:

SuckedIn-no2Oooo—it made it to #1!   Not bad for a $28.99 clip!   😉

suckedIn-no1The Reason you Work is #5 currently.  (For you cheap wankers, that one is only $7.99)