Servitude #241

New:   Servitude #241

A pure Mistress worship clip today. you feel total gratitude to view such intimate and erotic glimpses of My body. I *don’t* need to reveal anything, nudity is never necessary, but the truth is……it turns ME on to do these types of clips. And it’s just a bonus that it makes your head explode….both of them.  😉  I’m dressed in a beautiful (new to Me) vintage satin robe, a vintage full slip with a sheer bodice, a satin garter belt, the silkiest pink nylon panties, white lace stocking tops and pink Louboutin heels. you will feel so close to Me in this clip, but it’s the closest you’ll ever get and you know that. And that is exactly why you feel grateful every time I share these private views with you. Worship, adore and enjoy! (Preview image is censored, the clip is not)