Chiffon Babydoll Set

New clip:  Chiffon Babydoll Set

I’ve been going through My vast collection of vintage lingerie and weeding out the things I no longer like. I’ve had this sheer babydoll and matching robe/bed jacket set forever and it’s just not My style anymore. So I figured I’d wear it one more time in a clip. Under the babydoll I’m wearing a vintage strapless bra, which comes off at some point and of course I’m wearing a garter belt, FF nylons and high heels as you know I love those items. My panties are sheer and ruffled and….well, you’ll have to watch the clip. I’m also wearing a piece of erotic jewelry that some of you have already seen in My Erotic Surprise clip. As with all of My higher priced erotic clips, some footage is not shown in the preview image. An intimate and sensual clip!