What to Wear?

What an enjoyable problem to have!  😉  It’s always fun to go through my collection of vintage lingerie, stockings and high heels to find something to wear. These are just some of my vintage stockings in my collection:

some-of-my-vintage-stockingsI prefer Fully Fashioned stockings when it comes to hosiery, but sometimes I’ll wear RHT stockings, lace-top stockings, or pantyhose. On occasion I’ll skip the hose and opt for showing my smooth bare legs instead. (And I do have a few members who request that).

Of course if you are going to wear stockings, you’ll need high heels to go with them!

I just love slips, be it full slips or half slips. Slips are the first type of vintage lingerie that I started collecting, many years ago. Vintage slips are available in such an amazing array of colors and styles, unlike modern slips.

Then there are other types of lingerie to choose from like babydolls, nightgowns, peignoir sets, robes, bed jackets, chemises, teddies and more.

vintage-chiffon-lingerie-hanging-in-closetAnd that doesn’t even include panties, bras, girdles, petticoats or garter belts! Oh and don’t forget the different materials to consider–should it be lacy lingerie today? Or do you love shiny satin? Maybe silky nylon panties? Or how about a see-through chiffon babydoll? With so many choices, it’s amazing I get dressed at all!  😉