Just a taste…

….of what’s to come.

This is a screen shot from Thursday’s video. I just got finished editing it and I freakin’ LOVE how it turned out!!

Seductive-tease-and-denialI’m wearing a metallic outfit I bought ages ago and I’m finally getting around to wearing it. If you like shiny, wet-look metallic clothing, check out My Hot Pink Heaven video as I’m wearing a metallic outfit in that clip.

I wore some shiny silver gloves and some silver thigh high boots. The thigh boots I wore in My Web of Seduction video along with a wickedly sexy shiny pink catsuit!

And you know I expect you to get your ass to MY store and buy this clip as soon as it comes out Thursday morning!!

Glamour Mistress in Black Lingerie and Stockings

you know it. you’ve tried to search elsewhere, but you always come back to Me. Why? Because you have never been able to find such a perfect embodiment of all things feminine and glamourous. And you crave that. It turns you to putty, I know that. My videos are addictive because of the graceful way I move, the looks I give you that make you melt, and My amazing collection of lingerie, stockings, heels and glamourous outfits. Try as you might, but you’ll never get away….

152-Glamour-PersonifiedLook at the haughty way I look down My nose at you. I am so out of your league, and yet you can’t get Me out of your head. It’s as if you’re under My spell.

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