Sunday Spending opportunities…

Hello boys! I have a few spending opportunities for you…..

Nail salon:  $46 (pedi, gel polish + nail fix) or $56 if you want to cover the tip I gave her as well!  –paid for by the professor

(Since you already got to see My newest pedi–the red–in the heel pics, here’s a picture from last week)

On Friday night I ripped off one of My nails when I was trying to open a drawer.  It tore off the acrylic and part of My natural nail and YES, it fucking HURT!  ?  lol

DSW:  $60  Cute pair of summer wedges  –paid for by jt in MN

Ulta:   $63   Eyeshadow palette  –I received a $100 tribute from thomas in Germany today (June 3rd) and I’m assuming (???) it was to pay for this. There was no note on the tribute, so thomas, I’m going to say you covered this one! ?

These colors are beautiful! I can’t wait to try this out!

Walgreens:  $17   Mascara and chocolate  –paid for by sissy dee dee

Easy-peasy, cheap-ish ways for you to show Me that you want to make Me SMILE! ?

I normally get the ‘fancier’, longer pedicure but My nail tech was running late and I also needed a nail fix and I had errands to run, things do to, so I got the shorter one this time.

I’ll post pics and good boy mentions after these are paid for.

I also have a bunch of screen-shots I took from My The Allure of Lingerie clip, which I’ll post more eventually…