MJA4: Fluffy Heels

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(This clip is from 2005 and is Standard Definition video)

In this clip I’m wearing a white lace bra, sheer white panties, a pink ruffle trim petticoat and “fluffy” Marabou trimmed high heeled mules. At the beginning of the video I’m sitting down and rubbing lotion on my legs. There is a close up view of My feet and you can see My pink toenail polish matches My fingernails. I put on some toe rings and a anklet bracelet and rub my bare feet. In the next segment I put on my pink fluffy marabou high heels, stand up and show off my legs, heels & full petticoat!

Heels and Feet

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85-Heels-and-FeetI start out in this clip wearing a pair of sexy, strappy turquoise high heels , and after a closer view, I end up removing them and dangling them off my feet for a little over a minute, before I let them drop. Next I am shoving my tootsies in your face and teasing you by pointing, flexing and wiggling and spreading My toes. My toe nails are polished a nice HOT PINK color and I’m wearing a gold toe ring and ankle bracelets. I finish off the video with some wrinkled soles.