Thigh High

New clip:   Thigh High

There is just something so sexy about a pair of black thigh high boots. And those of you with a boot fetish will agree. For some males, the sight of a woman in thigh boots makes them want to drop to their knees, which is where they belong anyway. Watch and listen as I talk about My sexy boots and why I enjoy them, the effect they have on men, what I like to do to men while wearing them……

Orgasm Denial Training

you need it…….  Orgasm Denial Training

you need this kind of discipline in your life. I know it’s hard for some of you chronic masturbators to scale back on your stroking without the guidance from a strict Mistress. So I have a program for those of you who are new to orgasm denial…..and the pleasures it brings. I talk about your masturbation habits, what you’ll be doing and what the next step is after you have completed this training.

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