Cock curious Neighbor

Newest clip:   Cock curious Neighbor

282-Cock-curious-NeighborThanks for having me over. There’s something that I need to talk to you about. It’s kind of awkward so……I guess I’ll just come out and say it. I know you go to the same gym as my boyfriend and the last few times that he came home, he told me that when he hit the showers after his workout….he caught you staring at his cock! He was kind of ticked off because he’s not into guys and it was just kind of weird. And since were neighbors, I thought I’d just come over and find out what’s going on. He doesn’t know I’m over here, which I think is for the best. So, why were you staring at my boyfriend’s cock? Are you gay? Bi? Cock curious? What? Go on, you can tell me, I’m pretty open-minded. What exactly do your cock fantasies involve? Do you have a secret desire to suck a cock? Get fucked by one? Ah, cocksucking. Well I’ve got a little plan to make that fantasy a reality. And no, you don’t have a choice. Unless you want word to get around at the gym and in the neighborhood that you like to perv on guys and I don’t think you want that…..